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Take a Weekend Trip to Vegas Aboard a Private Jet

What can be better than heading off to Las Vegas for a luxury weekend trip? The answer is arriving in style!  Charter a private jet flight to Las Vegas and enjoy an experience that you’ll cherish for years to come! Worried about the pricing and safety? Don’t be, Zephyr Jets offers competitive pricing schedules and […]

Since the 1960′s, Learjet Continues on as King of the Sky

The great invention of the first successful aircraft was made in 1905 by the American Wright brothers. Since then different aircrafts of all shapes, sizes and prices have been manufactured. Learjet has been one of the manufacturers of business and private jets. It has been referred as a builder of his own kind and class, […]

Mobile Adoption in Private Jet Booking Equals Greater Savings for Clients

The adoption of technology in private jet bookings has transformed the aviation industry tremendously. While private aviation is typically a preserve for the rich and famous, the introduction of mobile booking platforms has attracted new entrants into the market. Increasingly tech-savvy millennials and young private fliers. Easy Booking For those who can afford it, a […]

A Quick Guide to Empty Legs

If you are looking for a private charter whether you are traveling for a business meeting or just for pleasure, the chances are that you might have encountered the term “empty leg flight”. What does the term mean and how can you use it to your benefits? This article is going to give you a […]

The Citation X, World`s Fastest Business Jet

The Citation X, commonly known as the Cessna Citation X is a medium-sized, long-range American Business Jet. Powered by an impressive engine system, the jet relies on dual turbofan engines manufactured by the Cessna Aircraft Company located in Kansas. Impressively, the Citation X boasts of a modernised wing design, coupled with state of the art […]

The Growth of Private Charter in a Strong Economic Environment

Private charter provides travelers with a secure, safe, fast and flexible access to many destinations worldwide. There is a trade-off between the cost of a private charter and the time saved. For some people, this is the main reason they choose the service. The growth of the business aviation sector has been on the rise […]

Everyone is charting a private flight, so should you and here’s why

Everyone is charting a private flight, so should you and here’s why: Gone are the days when private flights were a preserve for the select few very wealthy individuals. Today, private flights have become the preferred mode of transport for many who value comfort, convenience and class. The growth of private flights has been spurred […]

How to Save Money Flying Privately

Flying private has many benefits – no security lines or rigorous security checks, soft cushy seats, a lot of legroom, and more. It is thus not surprising that most people believe only the wealthy can afford to fly privately. However, and contrary to popular belief, flying private is not as expensive as it used to […]

Time is Money, Earn More with Private Flights

The benefits that one can associate with a private jet over a commercial flight are numerous to say the least. However, in this instance, we will focus our attention on one key area that can indeed make a substantial difference to the corporate executive. That difference is the time aspect, and in business; time is […]

Empty Legs vs. First Class Tickets, Which is Right for You?

Empty leg flights are flights that are scheduled to operate without any passengers. This can happen when private jets need to get back to their home base after dropping off a passenger. It can also happen when a private jet needs to reposition to another location in order to be ready to take on more […]