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Hong Kong (VHHH) to Los Angeles Cargo Flights

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Hong Kong (VHHH) to Los Angeles Cargo Flights 

The Hong Kong airport is the world’s busiest cargo gateway. A fast and efficient customs process is critical to Hong Kong and its economy. VHHH expedites clearance by providing integrated Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) linkage between the eight major air cargo operators and the Customs & Excise Department.

Benefits include:

  • Allowing pre-arrival customs clearance, covering all types of cargo down to the “house” air waybill level;
  • Providing a “priority consignments” facility and automatic assignment of default constraint codes; and
  • Enabling authorised service providers to provide cross boundary bonded truck services to Mainland China.

As a result of our strong relationships with airlines and airports throughout the US, we can customize the entire journey from Hong Kong to Los Angeles.

Average duration 13 hours
Aircraft type heavy jet
Cargo jet options* IL-76, Airbus a 350-900 passenger aircraft converted to cargo, Boeing 777-300 passenger aircraft converted to cargo, MD-11
Hong Kong airport Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH)
Los Angeles airport Los Angeles (LAX)

USA Calls – (888) 442-3131 / Direct and International – (212) 561-5500

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