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A private jet is the ultimate state of luxury and an eternal symbol of entrepreneurial success.

The ZephyrJets Experience

ZephyrJets has re-imagined the world of aircraft charters. No longer the preserve of billion-dollar dreams, ZephyrJets brings the convenience, luxury, and flexibility of the corporate jet experience to an even broader client base. Just imagine driving your car right onto the tarmac, leaving your keys with the valet then boarding a luxurious Citation XLS jet than swoops you in, as close as you can get, to the world’s most important events: the Super Bowl, the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Kentucky Derby, or the opening ceremony at the Olympics. Business and vacation itineraries have become increasingly complex. Long lines, security pat downs, untimely cancellations, and cramped seats (just two and a half feet of real estate to be precise) have made commercial air travel ever more nettling. Thanks to Zephyr Jets’ flexible price structures, a swathe of disenchanted commercial air travelers are now enjoying the freedom, joy, and financial viability of aircraft charter services

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ZephyrJets’ Philosophy

Zephyr is one of the world’s leading private jet charter brokers. We are committed to providing our clients with the tools to maximize their most valuable asset: time. The cornerstones of ZephyrJets’ philosophy are transparency, expertise, and value. Our discerning clients continue to choose ZephyrJets time and again to fulfill their luxury private jet needs.

Safety First

Nothing is more important than peace of mind. It doesn’t matter to which corner of the globe you are traveling, we ensure that your family, friends, and associates are in safe hands. At ZephyrJets, we guarantee that our airline partners adhere to all safety requirements under FAR (Federal Aviation Regulations) Part 135. Every aircraft we charter is rated Gold by ARGUS (an independent auditor) and all aircraft within our network are equipped with leading-edge avionics systems and fitted with the most sophisticated safety equipment available. All pilots within the Zephyr network are trained and certified according to the highest industry standards.

Diversity And Versatility

We have access to over 3,500 jet aircrafts and turbo propeller aircraft at over 5,000 airports worldwide. Whether you require an agile, light jet capable of delivering supreme runway performance, or a robust, heavy jet with transatlantic capabilities, we will present to you the finest choices of aircraft available to fulfill your needs.

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For further information, to obtain a quote, or to discuss your private jet needs, call ZephyrJets at: 888-442-4141.

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