The ZephyrJets Experience

ZephyrJets stands at the pinnacle of private jet travel. We provide our clients with access to 3,500 executive jet aircrafts and helicopters in more than 6,000 airports worldwide, with as little as four hours’ notice. ZephyrJets’ comprehensive safety standards are the most exacting in the private aviation industry and we are committed to providing our clients with a customer service team that is without peer. It’s no surprise that our global client network chooses to maximize their valuable time and enjoy the freedom and convenience that is implicit to the ZephyrJets Experience.

Our dedicated aviation consultants work closely with each client to understand and embrace their individual needs and goals—from preferred onboard amenities to cabin size requirements or baggage storage capacity— before designing a personalized travel itinerary that transforms a routine charter jet rental into a luxurious, stress-free journey. Whether it’s an international, domestic, or multi-city trip, our team works 24/7 to present our clients with a range of creative options for private jet usage underscored by competitive pricing and extensive reach.

We enable our clients to access far-flung and isolated regions that would normally require lengthy connections and layovers, not to mention the interminable hassle of shoes-off security screening. Our 24-hour concierge services assist with everything from arranging ground transportation, armed guards, private catering, hotel accommodation, nanny services, and any other custom need that will ensure that your executive jet rental decision translates into a pleasurable experience. The Zephyr Experience allows our clients to arrive at their chosen destination ready to work or play.

For all our Skycard programs, we donate one percent of all your flight costs to a charity of your choice.

USA Calls – (888) 442-3131 / Direct and International – (212) 561-5500

Enter any trip itinerary to check aircraft availability, get price quotes, and book a flight. You will not be charged for a flight until a reservation agent has confirmed all flight details and receives your signed confirmation form. Please note that the quotes provided by our reservation engine are estimates only and are subject to aircraft availability.

Charter Jet Services

ZephyrJets Charter jets at the most competitive rate for private charter flights at the highest level of safety standards.

24/7 365 days a year we are available at 212 561 5500 the most comprehensive safety and security in the industry for all your private jet needs and requests.

We can assist with ground transportation, armed guards, catering, VIP jets, hotel accommodations, and a personal concierge, nanny services, etc. or any other custom needs or requests to ensure that your private jet rental experience is top service.

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