With over 100 aircraft prototypes under its belt, Dassault Aviation, the maker of Falcon business jets, is widely considered to be one of the world’s most technologically advanced aerospace companies. Since 1963, Falcon jets have been manufactured alongside the famed Mirage and twin-engine Rafale fighter jets. Considering the Falcon family DNA, it’s no surprise that Zephyr’s clients are quick to praise the Falcon’s durability, dynamism, stellar performance, and reliability. With an intelligent design (Falcon’s leading-edge slats provide pilots with airport flexibility and smooth handling), low carbon emissions, and a commitment to innovation and enhanced safety technology at every turn, Falcon jets quite rightly account for 30 per cent of sales within the full size jet category. The French manufacturer has a penchant for shaking up the market. By 2016, the Little Rock completion center in Arkansas (one of the world’s largest jet completion sites) will complete the fifth iteration of the Falcon 5X, which promises to be one of the best full size jets in operation, a worthy opponent for the Gulfstream G450 and Bombardier Global 5000. The super fast, wide-bodied jet will have a 5,200 mile reach and will be a showstopper indeed, featuring one of the most luxuriously appointed cabins on the market. Zephyr Jets has unrivaled access to a range of Falcon aircraft. Our aviation experts will analyze your travel needs, devise a personal profile, and employ their knowledge and expertise to find the most suitable jet at the best possible price. We can accommodate one-way Falcon charter services, multi-leg journeys, or round-trip itineraries. We can have you en route to your destination in style with as little as four hours’ notice. To obtain a quote, to discuss your travel needs, or to reserve your next Zephyr Jets Falcon charter, call: 888-442-3131. Our aviation specialists are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Falcon Fleet

Falcon 10
The erstwhile rival to the Learjet light jet family, Dessault’s Falcon 10 (a 70 per cent scale version of the original Falcon 20) invigorated the light jet market when it was first produced in late 1960s. French aircraft manufacturer Avions Marcel Dassault is renowned its high performance military fighters (Mirage), so it comes as no surprise that the Falcon 10 outwardly expresses the robust conformation that characterizes a fighter jet. Harnessing the colossal powers of a Garrett TFE 731-2 jet engine, the Falcon 10 long reigned as the fastest business jet in existence and it remains one of the speediest jets flying today. With a superlative take off rate of 4,600 feet per minute, a range of 1,750 miles, a speed of 520 mph, and the ability to land on runways as short as 3,300 ft, the Falcon 10 is all things to all discerning men.
Falcon 20F
While it may have a more limited seating capacity than the previous generation Falcon 20, Dessault’s agile and highly versatile Falcon 20F is powered by two General Electric CF700-2D-2 engines, capable of generating 4,500 lbs of thrust each. Manufactured from 1971-1983, the Falcon 20F performs well against its peers when it comes to speed (500 miles per hour), although the range of 1,600 miles falls below the midsize jet category average. The reason so many business executives find affinity with the Falcon 20F is its capacious cabin which, at over 24 feet long, is simply in a league of its own. Dassault’s Falcon fleet has continued to evolve and the 20F certainly stands at the apex of executive jet aviation technology. The 20F’s increased fuel capacity and improved wing design enhances landing and take off performance; it requires less than 5,000 feet to take off, which provides passengers with tremendous flexibility.
Falcon 2000
Despite its impressive girth, the Falcon 2000 is an agile, versatile, and fuel efficient aircraft. A luxuriously appointed cabin, which features mahogany galleys and plush leather seats, is one of the largest in its class (31 feet). The Falcon 2000 pulls in a solid 3,500 mile range and cruises at a speedy 521 miles per hour. But where the 2000 truly excels is its impressive take off performance; it climbs to 3,700 feet in just 16 minutes allowing passengers to access remote airports with shorter, more challenging runways. The CFE738 engine was expressly manufactured for the Falcon 2000 by General Electric and AlliedSignal. Dessault is ever keen to assert the Falcon’s environmentally green status; it burns less fuel than its midsize counterparts largely due to its innovative low-drag wing design. The Falcon 2000S variant was unveiled in 2011 and boasts improved short field capabilities that allows the jet to access 50 per cent more airports than other super midsize jets.
Falcon 50
When Dessault rolled out the Falcon 50 in 1976 it fast became the standard bearer for the super midsize category. Developed for long range transatlantic routes, the 50′s airframe was modeled on Dessault’s earlier, twin jet Mystère/Falcon 20 and Falcon 200 iterations. The nexus of agility, speed, and comfort, the Falcon combines the disciplined potency of a fighter jet with the luxury, noise insulation, and bountiful cabin space that define long range aircraft. The Falcon 50 shares top billing with the Hawker 4000 when it comes to range (3,600 miles) and is technically adept at negotiating even the shortest runways. A doyen of private jet aviation, the Falcon 50 remains one of the industry’s most sought after executive aircrafts.
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