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Mid Jets – Charter a Mid Size Jet

Considering a charter on a mid jet?  Midsize executive aircraft provide a balanced combination of high performance, comfort, high­tech amenities, and economy for mid­range flights. With an average cruising speed of 500 miles per hour—considerably faster than a light jet aircraft—and with an average range of 3,000 nautical miles, midsize jets respond well to the needs of even the most time-sensitive business agenda. As manufacturers continue to innovate, a smart, new generation of midsize jets combine the light jet’s agility to operate out of smaller airports, inaccessible to commercial airlines with the space and amenities of larger aircraft. Midsize jet aircraft often feature both internal and external baggage storage which can accommodate oversize baggage, skis, golf clubs, etc, and showcase plush cabins, often with fully reclining seats, small galleys, and an enclosed lavatory.

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