If you are considering a Hawker jet for your next charter needs.  We can assist as we specialize in Hawker charters.   We pride ourselves on the best prices on the Hawker 400XP.  We are able to provide the lowest prices on the Hawker 800XP, call us or simply request a free quote for your next charter needs.  Hawker Jets are some of the most successful and popular corporate business jets in the industry. When your company or personal career reaches a certain level, A Hawker jet rental becomes one of the measures that can be taken to deliver growth and expansion. The most valuable asset we have is time. The Hawker charter jet can preserve that asset. Depending on your itinerary and locations Hawker private jet charters will be able to save you time efficiency, expediency and even comfort. Now, Zephyr jets can accommodate your specific itinerary with a private Hawker400 or Hawker 800 jet rental, an alternative to get your business to fly to new levels.

Zephyr jet continues to assist corporate executive private jet charterers and charter jet flyers with outstanding attention to detail and pricing with a stellar reputation in the industry. Hawker jets are excellent maintained aircrafts that pride themselves on their size and comfort, with a strong emphasis on the importance of comfort, width and size. We specialize in Hawker jet charter service, by providing an easy and convenient way for you to fly. With a strong emphasis on executive charter jets you will save time, stay comfortable and be more efficient. Call us today and we can have you flying a private Hawker jet charter to your desired destination within 3 hours.

The most common executive Hawker jets is the Hawker 800 a mid-jet size that has the largest cabin interior in the mid-jet category. The Hawkers are known for their size and extra room and comfort. With most Hawkers having a 3-seat divan in their configuration. They have limited baggage capacity, but easily makeup for their diminutive baggage capacity with their excellent range and spacious interior cabin. The Hawker 800XP has improved range and upgraded avionics.

The Hawker 850XP replaced the Hawker 800XP- it is the current version and went into production in 2006.  The 850XP is identical to the 800XP, except that it comes with winglets for improved range and fuel efficiency as well as a more luxurious cabin

The Hawker-400 and 400XP, is an entry level aircraft ,this is light jet, an entry level business jet rental that has a comfortable and spacious cabin and large captains chairs.  The big drawback with this aircraft is its limited range, but an excellent option if your itinerary is a three-hour flight.

The Hawker 1000 a super-mid jet; the hawker-1000 has the mainframe from the Hakwer-800, but with a greater range, larger and improved baggage capacity. The Hawker-800 is for its longer range, additional seating for one passenger (compared to the 800XP), and most importantly a larger baggage capacity.  The Hawker-900XP has the new Honeywell engines for even greater range.  The 900XP is currently in production, as the 1000 is no longer in production.

The Hawker-4000 is a super-mid jet that holds 8-9 passengers is a direct competitor to the Challenger-300.  With a double club configuration seating capacity of 8 passengers, excellent range, baggage capacity, and luxury air charter experience.  The Hawker-4000 is an excellent luxury jet charter option.

Inquire for our air charter services available for your Hawker private jet charter flight With Zephyrjets, finally a company that specializes in Beechet /Hawker jets.  We are a charter company that can provide an easy and convenient way to charter Hawkerjets while saving you time and money. We don’t just keep your business running, we take you to the next level. Reserve your next charter flight with us and get quick convenient service. We can accommodate excellent prices on a one-way, multi-leg or round trip itineraries for your next charter flight.

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