An aviation grand dame, the Learjet remains a symbol of personal and professional success

Lear Jets was the first jet with an emphasis on corporate travel and business executive jets. When your company or personal career reaches a certain level, A Lear jet rental becomes one of the measures that can be taken to deliver growth and expansion The most valuable asset we have is time. The Lear jet charter can preserve that asset. Depending on your itinerary and locations commercial travel By automobile or even by commercial plane may not be most feasible or economical, your schedule, expediency and even comfort, are all sacrificed. Now, Zephyr jets can accommodate your specific itinerary with a private Lear jet rental, an alternative to get your business to fly at new levels.

Zephyr jet continues to create new corporate executive private jet charterers and charter jet flyers with outstanding attention to detail and a storied reputation in the industry. Lear jets are well-maintained aircrafts that pride themselves on their speed and top of the line, with a strong emphasis on the importance of speed and comfort. We specialize in a Lear jet charter service, by providing an easy and convenient way for you to fly. With a strong emphasis on executive charter jets you will save time, stay comfortable and be more efficient. Call us today and we can have you flying a private Lear jet charter to your desired destination within 3 hours.

The Lear jet corporate passengers most frequently will hire or rent depending on the travel itinerary or number of passengers. The most common Lear Jet charters are the Lear35, Lear45, and Lear60. The Lear35 an entry-level jet has excellent range, speed and is perfectly priced for most destinations. The Lear45 has 8 captain chairs, excellent range and speed to ensure that the aircraft can land in most airports or FBO’s. The Lear55 is usually configured for 7 passengers has an enclosed lavatory and is roomier than the Lear35. The Lear60 is usually configured for 7-8 passengers, has an enclosed lavatory, excellent range to allow it to go coast to coast and is the largest of the Lear Jets.

The Lear 85 is due out in the immediate future and is scheduled sometime in 2014. This will fall into a range of Mid-to-Super-Mid category. With a high speed cruise of Mach 0.82 and a distance of 3000 nautical miles. The Lear85 was designed specifically to compete with the Citation X, and cabin configuration, speed and distance.

The Lear75 a new aircraft introduced in 2013 that specifically has an airframe from the Lear45, with improved avionics, equipment and performance. The Learjet75 still has the loved 8-passenger configuration, that is all 8 captains chairs and double club seating configuration. Perfect for business executive road shows and charters. The Lear-85 is fast, flies high, and has improved avionics to be able to utilize shorter runways.

Inquire about our Air charter Services for your next learjet charter flight with Zephyr jets, you’ll finally find a company that specializes in lear jets and charter services that can provide an easy and convenient way to fly, while saving you time and money. We don’t just keep your business running, we take you to the next level. Reserve your next charter flight today with Zephyr jet and get quick, convenient service and the Lear jet charter you are looking for. We can accommodate one-way Lear Jet charter services, multi-legs or round trip itineraries. Private Jet Charter

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