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Private Jet Charter App

App for Private Jet Charter  | iPhone App for Private Jets  |  Empty Leg iPhone App

ZephyrJets app provides private jet charter flights direct on your iPhone or iPad. Receive real time availability, searches of one-way, round trip and empty leg flights all over the world at a tap of a button. 

Our App

The new ZephyrJets app has amazing features that allows you simplify your private jet life. Allowing you to compare, price and view in real time private jet charters and empty leg flights as an app, easier and quicker than ever.



Providing world class technology with real time view of availability of world wide empty legs. View the global market for private jet charters, providing direct access to 7000+ private jets world wide. Request a Quote or a Charter at the tap of a button from anywhere in the world. Feel like talking to a specialist – 24/7 an expert team member in the industry is available to discuss your specific itinerary and trip details. Review aircraft photos and interior amenities and descriptions. Perform your search online.


Use the ZephyrJets App for:

  • Best private jet charter prices
  • Providing highest safety rated jets
  • Latest empty legs with world-wide availability updated daily/hourly
  • Private jet photos and descriptions




Requesting a quote in seconds and receive instant estimates for any of your private jet charter needs. Request to speak to a specialist at a tap of a button

The App

Download the app today for free and begin the experience of utilizing the best private jet charter app in the industry.


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