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Charter a VLJ jet, Very Light Jets

If you are considering a VLJ for your next charter flight, we can assist.  Fast, agile, fuel efficient, and economical, VLJ’s are an excellent option.  Very Light Jets (VLJs) are ideal for small passenger groups (up to 4 passengers) on short ­haul, technical missions that demand outstanding runway performance. Normally powered by two jet engines, the average VLJ achieves speeds of 380 miles per hour and a range of between 800 and 1,300 nautical miles. The maximum takeoff weight for a VLJ is 10,000 pounds. New generation VLJ jets, including the Honda HA­420 will provide private jet passengers with even greater levels of performance, convenience, efficiency, and comfort. Larger light jet iterations, including Embraer’s Phenom 100, can accommodate oversize baggage, offer more spacious cabins with flat floors and high tech amenities, and they may even stretch to an enclosed lavatory. The Citation Mustang is another excellent option if you require using a short runway.  Offering the lowest prices for your next VLJ charter request.  The VLJ is an excellent option if budget is a concern.  The VLJ jet is a prime choice for a  quick, short flight or if your itinerary requires arriving at multiple locations for your multi-leg charter. Please review the VLJ options with a complete description and pictures of the VLJ category with lowest hourly rates for VLJ in the industry.

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