With the launch of the newest series of Global Business Jets in 2019, Bombardier is defining a new class of business aviation. Offering wide cabin space, serene modern design, the newest technology and the smoothest rides, the Global 5500 is the go-to jet when flying for business or international.


Comfort was the number one priority when the Global 5500 was designed. Featuring the largest cabin with three separate living spaces, the 5500 makes it easy to sit back and relax no matter what time it is or where your headed.


* Seats up to 16 people * Quietest cabins available * 100% fresh air with turbo heat and cool * Optimized cabin pressure to alleviate jet lag * Nuage plush seats with deep recline, floating base & tilting headrest * Kitchen, Club Suite, Conference Suite & Private Suites


At this day and age technology is truly everything, and when you are high in the sky it should be no different. The Global 5500 has gone to extreme lengths to make sure you can do it all, and at lightening speeds.

Highlights include:

* 4k enabled cabin * Ultra-high definition entertainment

PERFORMANCE: One of and possibly the most important parts of your experience is the performance, speed and smoothness of your flight. This was also important when creating the 5500.

Highlights Include:

* Range of 5,700 nautical miles * Non-stop flights from major cities * Top speeds of M 0.90