Introducing Montreal

As the largest city in the Canadian province of Quebec, Montreal is a place of effortless sophistication, seducing Francophiles the Americas over with its breathtaking architecture, terraced bistros, cultural dynamism, innovative gastronomy, and Gallic charm. Montreal is the second largest primarily French-speaking city in the world, after Paris, with Québécois French the city’s official language spoken by 67.9% of the population. It’s every American’s ideal of France, without the long-haul flight and communication difficulties. Originally called Ville-Marie, Montreal was named after Mount Royal which rises from the heart of the city. It’s something of a tourist’s rite of passage these days to rent a public BIXI bike, ascend the triple-peaked hill to Beaver Lake, and feast on baguettes loaded with pungent cheese paired with a bottle of red wine.

Centered upon the convivial Place Jacques-Cartier, Vieux Montreal is tourist ground zero. Canada’s cultural nerve center, Montreal boasts more than 200 theater companies and hosts more than 100 festivals annually ranging from the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal to the acclaimed Montreal World Cinema Festival. Montreal delivers one of the most innovative dining scenes in North America. Along the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal you’ll find hip bistros, arty cafés, gastronomic temples, and lively bars where you can try out that homespun classic poutine (basically fries smothered with cheese and gravy) which has achieved culinary greatness in cities across the U.S.. From the vast Gothic Revival Basilique Notre-Dame (built between 1824 and 1829) to the 20th-century Stade Olympique, and the Brutalist housing project Habitat 67 (planned using Lego blocks), Montreal is an eclectic mishmash of architectural styles.

Airports within a 50-mile radius of Montreal:

  • Montreal/Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (CYUL)
    • Montreal/St-Hubert Airport (CYHU)
    • Montreal International (Mirabel) Airport (CYMX)

Popular aircraft charters* in the Montreal area include:

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