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Executive Jet Charters

The true mark of personal and professional success, a conference room in the sky…..

ZephyrJets’ distinguished client base includes world leaders, Fortune 500 CEOs, elite businessmen, politicians, and diplomats, who trust ZephyrJets to take their business goals to the next level. When it comes to executive travel, ZephyrJets implicitly understands the modern businessman’s need for privacy, security, and urgency.

Attention to detail forms the cornerstone of ZephyrJets’ customer service philosophy. We seamlessly eliminate the challenges, strains, and inconveniences that underscore commercial air travel. Forget shoes off at the airport, harried immigration lines, cramped seats, and unpalatable food, the ZephyrJets Experience liberates the next generation of high achievers from the laborious minutiae of air travel and provides them with the cutting-edge tools to reach their objectives.

With access to more than 3,500 expertly crafted executive jets at more than 5,000 airports worldwide, ZephyrJets can provide access to the world’s highest performing jets with as little as four hours’ notice. Each client is assigned a corporate aviation specialist to guide them through the private jet charter experience. Our dedicated team will evaluate your in-flight needs and scheduling requirements and create an individualized itinerary which covers every aspect of your journey. From limousine transfers to securing a reservation at the most coveted restaurant in town, or arranging a cadre of bodyguards for the duration of your trip, the sky is the only limit. Zephyr can also supply secretarial support and in-flight catering services to enable you to make the most of your boardroom in the sky.

USA Calls – (888) 442-3131 / Direct and International – (212) 561-5500

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