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Moscow to Dubai

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With a Zephyr Jets private jet charter from the ancient city of Moscow to the futuristic desert scape of Dubai, you can maximize your most valuable assets, time and money. Utilizing the most technologically advanced booking systems in the industry, our empty leg inventory is unsurpassed and our private jet charter flights are discounted by as much as 60 per cent. Once a Zephyr Jets private charter is confirmed, our highly skilled concierge team works relentlessly to ensure that each client’s personal travel requirements are fulfilled, from hotel reservations to car transfers, and even an in-flight gourmet chef.

Average duration 4 hours, 45 minutes
Aircraft type Heavy jet
Private jet options* Challenger 604, Citation X, Challenger 605, Challenger 850, Gulfstream 5 Gulfstream 450, Falcon 2000LX, Falcon 900
Moscow airports Domodedovo International Airport (UUDD, 26 miles from downtown Moscow); Sheremetyevo International Airport (UUEE, 18 miles from downtown Moscow); Vnukovo International Airport (UUWW, 17 miles from downtown Moscow)
Dubai Airport Dubai International Airport (OMBD, 4 miles from Dubai center)

USA Calls – (888) 442-3131 / Direct and International – (212) 561-5500

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