Introducing Hartford

At the ripe old age of 400 years, Hartford, Connecticut’s capital and second-largest city, is one of the oldest cities in the United States. The city’s late 19th-century golden age was not lost on Mark Twain who waxed lyrical about the city’s refined beauty and bucolic charms. Nowadays, the city is renowned, more prosaically, as the ‘Insurance Capital of the World,’ the headquarters for many of the U.S.’s biggest insurance companies. Lamentably, it’s also one of the poorest cities in the nation with blocks of dilapidated housing and vacant office buildings juxtaposed against an array of stately buildings. The capital building with its monumental gold dome, the Victorian grandeur of the Mark Twain House, and the recently restored Old State House stand in pathos to the city’s more illustrious past. While Hartford has certainly been slow showing up for the gentrification ball, over recent years, a smattering of new bistros, boutiques, and restaurants have started to breath new life into the city’s erstwhile malaise.

Airports within a 50-mile radius of Hartford:

  • Hartford-Brainard Airport (HFD)

Popular aircraft charters* in the Hartford area include:

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