Introducing Athens

For all its Euro zone trauma, Greece’s ancient capital couldn’t be more civilized these days. As the cradle of Western civilization, the land where Plato and Socrates walked and mused, Athens today is a brave new world. Since the 2004 Olympics cast its spell, widespread gentrification has transformed Athens from a congested and decaying jumble into a super stylish city which bristles with hip boutiques, gourmet restaurants, sleek bars, edgy nightclubs, and world-class museums and galleries. With the blood of Hedone and Dionysus flowing through their veins, Athenians bacchanalian tendencies are legendary. The city, quite simply, never sleeps.

The world’s longest and arguably greatest cobblestone promenade links the archaeological marvels that draw millions of tourist each year. The marble monuments of the Acropolis, visible from anywhere in the city, crowned by the the Parthenon—the most important surviving building from the Classical Era—are worthy of every Bucket List. The Acropolis Museum provides incredible views of the ancient city through transparent floors. If you want to escape the summer season hoards, climb the pine-shaded Hill of the Muses (or Philopappos Hill) for superb views of the Acropolis and surrounding hills before descending to the Hill of Pnyz which has steps (or speakers’ platforms) chiseled into its slopes. The site is a touchstone for the creation of democracy; it was here in the 5th century B.C. that the world’s earliest democratic assemblies gathered.

Airports within a 25-mile radius of Athens:

  • Tatoi Airport (LGTT)
    • Elefsis Airport (LGEL)
    • Eleftherios Venizelos Airport (ATH)
    • Megara Airport (LGMG)
    • Tanagra Airport (LGTG)

Popular aircraft charters* in the Athens area include:

  • Citation Excel (super light)
  • Learjet 45 XR (super light)
  • Citation CJ3 (light)
  • Learjet 31ER 400A (light)
  • Learjet 60 XR (midsize)
  • Citation III (midsize)
  • Gulfstream G200 (super midsize)
  • Citation Sovereign (super midsize)

*This is just a sample. Zephyr provides access to aircraft at every end of the spectrum, from luxurious VIP airliners, to ultra long range business jet, helicopters, and economical turboprops.