Introducing Telluride

Steeped in Wild West history and imbued with a curiously bourgoise-hip vibe, the storied mining town of Telluride lures a diverse brigade of travelers, ranging from the gilded and glamorous (Oprah Winfrey and Oliver Stone are big fans) to ski bums and peddlers of vice. Located in the southwest of Colorado, at an elevation of 8,750 feet, in the 1980s Telluride was touted as ‘Colorado’s best kept secret’ leading it, with no lack of irony, to become one of the most fashionable and off-beat of Colorado’s resorts. It’s not hard to see why. Sitting deep in a box canyon, flanked by jaw-dropping forested mountains and cliffs, Telluride has become one of the West’s premier ski towns with some of the most extreme, in-bound, hike-to terrain in the country. The addition of Prospect Bowl has expanded skiable terrain by providing an array of new trails and runs.

Despite its amusement park style Mountain Village development, the town still exudes Wild West charm and delivers no shortage of historical touchstones: in June 1889, Butch Cassidy conducted his first major recorded crime when he robbed the San Miguel Valley Bank in Telluride stealing almost $25,000. Idealism still prevails in Telluride’s ‘free box’ – a trade-your-wares kind of honor system. Telluride Regional Airport (TEX), the highest altitude commercial airport in the United States, is deemed by pilots to be one of the most challenging airports in the U.S. due to its altitude, rugged mountain terrain, and propensity for adverse weather conditions.

Airports within a 50-mile radius of Telluride:

  • Telluride Regional Airport (TEX)
    • Montrose Regional  Airport (MTJ)

Popular aircraft charters* in the Telluride area include:

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