Introducing Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is true grit. Located 60 miles south of Yellowstone National Park, this Old West town combines a youthful quest to inhabit each hair-raising moment with a renegade cowboy spirit and a blue blood’s appreciation for the finer things in life. For all its wealthy denizens, there is a contempt for modern glitz—only soulful outdoor types need apply. Straddling the western reaches of Wyoming, some four hours from the nearest international airport, Jackson doesn’t suffer from the snow season tourist onslaught like Vail, Whistler, and Park City. Some 12 miles west of downtown, Jackson’s jaw-dropping backyard is the serrated mountain ranges of Grand Teton National Park where an average annual snowfall that exceeds 420 inches yields a soft, deep powder. A 19th-century hideaway for explorers, homesteaders, and scientists, Jackson’s heroic protagonists have today been recast as world-class athletes who raise the bar on what is humanly possible. Away from the slopes, there’s enough cultural verve and gastronomic sophistication to keep the long, dark nights civilized. Upscale ining options run the delectable gamut of local fish and game—think elk chops and buffalo, salmon and trout—while Wyoming’s cowboy roots are evident in the monumental slabs of comfort food dishes spread upon wooden tables.

Airports within a 50-mile radius of Jackson Hole:

  • Jackson Hole Airport (JAC)
    • Driggs-Reed Memorial (DIJ)

Popular aircraft charters* in the Jackson Hole area include:

*This is just a sample. Zephyr provides access to aircraft at every end of the spectrum, from luxurious VIP airliners, to ultra long range business jet, helicopters, and economical turboprops.