Introducing Moscow

As Russia’s political, scientific, and business heart, Moscow has never wielded its powers lightly. While the fallen heroes of communism still loom large in the collective consciousness,Russia now beats to a different drum. Throughout the city, oil industry riches are on show, from damsels wearing vertiginous Gucci heels and clutching the latest Louis Vuitton handbag, to palatial restaurants serving foie gras and vintage claret.
The star-studded red towers of the Kremlin rise from the vast Red Square where the distinctive onion domes and kaleidoscopic hues of St. Basil’s Cathedral overshadow Lenin’s haunting mausoleum. Erupting through the city’s skyline, the brutal right angles of the Seven Sisters skyscrapers—allegories as much as buildings—convey the essence of Stalinist architecture and the regime’s blinkered vision. The Tretyakov Gallery is a treasure trove of Russian art that spans the medieval period through the 20th century. The hammers, sickles, and falling stars of communist iconography are visible in the Muzeon Park of Arts. With more than a smattering of amusement park kitsch, Gorky Park is where Moscow’s lighter side finds expression. There is even a space shuttle—the calamitous Buran—which never left orbit. The Novodevichy Cemetery is where the protagonists of Russia’s epic narrative are buried; you can visit the tombs of Checkhov, Gogol, and Stanislavsky.

Airports within a 50-mile radius of Moscow:

  • Vnukovo International Airport (VKO)
    • Domodedovo International Airport (DME)
    • Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO)

Popular aircraft charters* in the Moscow region include:

  • Citation Excel (super light)
  • Learjet 45 XR (super light)
  • Citation CJ3 (light)
  • Learjet 31ER 400A (light)
  • Learjet 60 XR (midsize)
  • Citation III (midsize)
  • Gulfstream G200 (super midsize)
  • Citation Sovereign (super midsize)

*This is just a sample. Zephyr provides access to aircraft at every end of the spectrum, from luxurious VIP airliners, to ultra long range business jet, helicopters, and economical turboprops.