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The meteoric rise of the biz jet is very much entwined with the Gulfstream jet series. In 1958, the Grumman Corporation launched Gulfstream 1, an elegant yet robust two-engine turboprop which can still be found in various parts of the world. Since their inception, Gulfstream aircraft have been employed by government and military institutions worldwide. Nowadays, however, it’s the ultra-long-range jets which are all the rage among elite world leaders. The gold standard is, without a doubt, the Gulfstream V series, which stands at the pinnacle of speed, range, and luxury. The GV jet series, which won the airline industry’s Collier Trophy, has fast become the ultimate status symbol. A robust fusion of speed, endurance, and exceptional reach, the Gulfstream G550 blew away 40 city-pair records during its first five years of operation. But, most recently, the $65 million Gulfstream G650 (described by Business Insider as the “biggest, fastest, and overall best private jet money can buy”) has hit the market to riotous acclaim. Purportedly, it’s the fastest civilian jet in the world, rocketing to 92% of the speed of sound for some 8,000 miles. Zephyr Jets has unrivaled access to a range of Gulfstream aircraft. Our aviation experts will analyze your travel needs, devise a personal profile, and employ their knowledge and expertise to find the most suitable jet at the best possible price. We can accommodate one-way Gulfstream charter services, multi-leg journeys, or round-trip itineraries. We can have you en route to your destination in style with as little as four hours’ notice. To obtain a quote, to discuss your travel needs, or to reserve your next Zephyr Jets Gulfstream charter, call: 888-442-3131. Our aviation specialists are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Gulfstream jets are excellent maintained jets that pride themselves on their large and luxury cabin size and long distance range with comfort, an emphasis on the importance of comfort, speed and size. We specialize in Gulfstream jet charter service, by providing an easy and convenient way for you to fly. With a strong emphasis on executive charter jets you will save time, stay comfortable and be more efficient. Call us today and we can have you flying a Business Corporate Gulfstream jet charter to your desired location within 3 hours. The Gulfstream business jets are for passengers who most frequently will hire or rent a private jet depending on the travel itinerary or number of passengers.  The most common executive Gulfstream jets is the G-III /G-IV a heavy jet charter that is known for its long range, long cabin length, and wide cabin length.  The Gulfstream’s are known for their long range, the ability to fly coast to coast, transatlantic flights, and extra baggage capacity, with most Gulfstream jets able to accommodate 12-18 Gulfstream III the most successful of the corporate jet family.  A Gulfstream is a large long-range corporate private business jet.  The main difference between the G-II and G-III is the revised wing of greater span and area with drag reducing winglets, more fuel tankage which allowed the Gulfstream III to have a longer range than the G-II. The G-IV took over for the G-III, a slightly larger aircraft with two new, quieter, more powerful and efficient engines and a longer range.  The G-IV has improvements over noise emission and significant fuel burn over the G-III despite their higher thrust output than its cousin the G-II/G-III.  The G-IV has greater fuel capacity and range.  Five years later the Gulfstream IV-SP (Special Performance) was introduced and replaced the G-IV, emphasizing higher payload and landing weights and improved payload range performance. The G-IV-SP has set records for flying long-range distances in time; the Gulfstream specializes in cruising at long distances decreasing fuel consumption and exceling at cruising speed. G-V designed to fly intercontinental distances, competing with BBJ (Boeing Business Jet) and Global Express.  The G-V replaced the G-IV, with the biggest change is in the stretched fuselage.  The new design for the wing, which is now built by Northrop Grumman, and is optimized for high-speed flight.  The range for a G-V is 12 hours, able to fly to most parts of the world without the need for fuel stop.  The G-V is pure comfort and luxury able to accommodate business jet travel or pure luxury travel for personal travel or heads-of states or dignitaries. The G-550- If you require an ultra-long range business jet, this is the jet for you, originally into production in 2003.  The G550 is know for flying higher to be able to avoid bad weather and turbulence, reduce jet-lag, as well as flying longer and faster.  The range was increased to 6,750 nautical miles or 12,500 km. The G550 has improved avionics that allow it to land in lower visibility conditions, shorter runways.  The ultimate aircraft for luxury ultra-long range jet. G650, recently came into production in 2013.  The largest and fastest business jets that Gulfstream produces.  The G550 is a twin engine that utilized two Rolls-Royce BR725 engines.  The range has improved to 7,000 nautical miles and 13,00 km.   The aircraft has the most luxurious amenities.  The G650 has a wider cabin that is now over eight feet wide (8’ 6”) and a cabin height over six feet (6’ 5”).  The aircraft has a dedicated crew rest area to allow for ultra-long range trips.

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