Introducing Glasgow

Gritty, industrial, and raw, Glasgow may lack Edinburgh’s glamour and poetic charms but it has an unpretentious spirit and cultural vigor that gets under your skin. The largest city in Scotland, Glasgow made its mark in the 18th-century tobacco trade and became the British Empire’s most important city after London. A century later, the city’s formidable shipbuilding industry (the city produced the Queen Mary) transformed the city into an economic powerhouse. While Edinburgh may feast (quite rightly) on its own historical beauty, Glasgow looks to Europe with the cool confidence of a dynamic, 21st-century city. When Glasgow was named European Capital of Culture in 1990, the city’s cultural prestige began, at long last, to rise. A massive rejuvenation project removed the soot and grime from the city’s neglected Victorian landmarks and Glasgow’s museums began to attract national attention. Noteworthy attractions include: the Burrell Collection at Pollock County Park, which showcases sculptures and paintings from notable Scotland artists; Scotland’s Architecture and Design Center; and the Museum of Transport.

Airports within a 50-mile radius of Glasgow:

  • The Glasgow Airport (GLA)
    • Glasgow Prestwick Airport (CAL)

Popular aircraft charters* in the Glasgow area include:

  • Citation Excel (super light)
  • Learjet 45 XR (super light)
  • Citation CJ3 (light)
  • Learjet 31ER 400A (light)
  • Learjet 60 XR (midsize)
  • Citation III (midsize)
  • Gulfstream G200 (super midsize)
  • Citation Sovereign (super midsize)

*This is just a sample. Zephyr provides access to aircraft at every end of the spectrum, from luxurious VIP airliners, to ultra long range business jet, helicopters, and economical turboprops.