Introducing Napa

A trip to Napa is all about sensual gratification. Since the 1980s, Napa Valley has transformed itself from a blue collar upstart to gourmet playground with palatial wineries, celebrity chefs, and world-class restaurants. While some may claim that Napa is simply a theme park for sloshed grown ups, the Napa valley is unequivocally ravishing, with rolling hills carpeted with vineyards and dotted with orchards, emerald fields ablaze with flowers, and ancient oak trees. Less than a 90-minute drive from San Francisco, the cluster of chocolate box towns that make up the Napa Valley tend to be more cosmopolitan the further south you drive but all boast charming restaurants, roadside fruit stalls, and wholesome cheese farms to ensure consistency with the Napa brand. With more and more smaller wineries competing with the veteran labels, there’s a less harried feel these days to the Napa wine trail. Where ever you go, from the most opulent vineyards to the coziest wine bar, you’ll find an excellent selection of wine. At the northern reaches of the valley, Calistoga is famed for its hot springs and laissez-faire vibe, while Napa town is, arguably, the most cosmopolitan. Yountville is a foodie’s paradise, with some of the country’s most vaunted chefs, including Thomas Keller and Michael Chiarello, setting up shop to riotous acclaim.

Airports within a 50-mile radius of Napa:

  • Napa County Airport (APC)

Popular aircraft charters* in the Napa area include:

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