Cessna Citation Jets – Luxury Travel and Fast, 3-Hour Charter Services

Destinations that are difficult to reach and urgent business trips that cannot be delayed or require the use of a small, fast and maneuverable private jet can best be handled with quick and convenient charter jet rentals. One of the best options in this regard is to select a reliable Cessna Citation jet.

Supreme comfort, robust size, and unwavering efficacy make the Challenger family an astute corporate asset

The Versatility of Cessna Citation Jets

Cessna Citation jets are the preferred choice for business executives who are interested in light, cheap and comfortable air travel, while seeking unique advantages for any type of business trip involving in-flight entertainment, advanced facilities or corporate meeting preparations. Zephyr Jets can provide a wide variety of Citation charter jets for every use, ranging between light, entry-level and midsize aircraft models chosen specifically for their unique configurations, speed performance or range. Both the Light and Midsize categories rank exceptionally high in terms of safety and were designed to use significantly lower runway space than their counterparts, allowing them to land safely in smaller airports.

Light and Entry-Level Jets

  • Citation Bravo: One of the first successful Cessna Citation models, the Citation Bravo is also one of the roomiest of the series, featuring a 10-seat setting, while also presenting a significant advantage over the Citation I and Citation II models, through improved speed and range, as well as a fuel capacity of about 5000 lbs.
  • CJ2: Stretched, more powerful and overall faster versions of their predecessor, Citation CJ2 jets feature a standard main cabin configuration of 6 seats, as well as larger wings and tail and improved EFIS avionics for better performance.
  • CJ3: The Cessna Citation CJ3 is one of the newest and best of the CJ series. An award-winning jet, it is considered a preferred choice for entry-level charter rentals, featuring a powerful engine delivering 12% more thrust than the CJ2 and a 1 meter longer cabin fuselage for added space.
  • Citation V: In order to increase cabin size while maintaining the aerodynamic capabilities and speed of previous Citation models, the Citation V was fitted with a larger fuselage and larger T-47A engine engines for improved performance. The Citation V is known as the largest small-to-medium straight-wing jet available.
  • Citation Ultra: A modified version of Citation V, the Ultra features an updated cockpit and an advanced avionics system equipped with three CRT screens.

Mid-Category Citation Business Jets

Midsize business jets offer increased space, comfort and range, making them ideal for corporate business journeys. The Cessna Citation series offers a few fine choices when it comes to mid-category business charter jets:
  • Citation III: This is the first midsize business jet created by Cessna belonging to the Model 650 family. The Cessna III was one of the most successful pioneers in the world of fast-paced business travel in the late 1970s and continues to be one of the most efficient jets designed for traditional corporate travel.
  • Citation VII: After the unsuccessful upgrade of the Citation III through the fourth model, the Cessna Citation VII brought the desired performance updates that boosted the Cessna IIIs cruising speed to a value of almost 500 knots, while the advanced Garrett engines it was fitted with allow the jet to travel at higher altitudes and in more challenging weather conditions.
  • Cessna Citation Excel: Combining the Citation Ultra’s straight wing and a slightly smaller version of the Citation X fuselage, the Excel is a unique model, being designed for more traditional uses than Citation V or X models, while being equipped with a larger stand-up cabin for added comfort.
  • The XLS: The Citation XLS is the first true upgrade of the Excel model. A jet that features a high end, redefined design with stable, powerful engines and advanced avionics, the XLS can be seen as the “luxury version” of the Excel, featuring similar accommodation, but better performance when it comes to actually taking the passengers to their destinations.
Also available are two jet models that have been categorized as super-mid charter jets. These include:
  • the Citation Sovereign, which complements the Excel’s fuselage with a newly designed, moderately swept wing
  • and the Cessna Citation X – a new jet with exceptional features, including remarkable range and a roomy, 24-foot stand-up cabin.
The Citation X is currently known as the fastest civilian jet aircraft in the world.

About the Citation X

The Cessna Citation X is arguably the most popular jet in the entire Citation series. With a wide 8-passenger configuration fitted with no less than 8 captain seats, the super-midsize jet is able to maximize comfort and flexibility while maintaining the traditionally small size associated with Cessna private aircraft models. Moreover, not only is it the fastest private jet in the world, due to its upgraded engines and increased thrust, but it is also capable of stable, coast-to-coast travel without any fuel stops due to a significant increase in energy consumption associated with the new design. Comparably more efficient and comfortable than any of the other Cessna Citation aircraft, the Citation X also retains the ability of landing in smaller airports due to its compact size and superior maneuverability.

Private Jet Charter Services

Because of their low-cost, varied size, impressive reliability and high performance, the Cessna Citation series jets are considered among the top executive choices for business travel. With the promise of providing you with a sure means of comfortable air transport designed to bring you to your destination in as little as 3 hours, Zephyr Jets offers exceptionally well-maintained Citation jets suited for virtually every requirement that traveling business executives might have. Specializing in Citation jet charters, Zephyr will deliver prompt results when it comes to providing you with the quickest solution for your private charter jet requirements, making it easy to save time, money and effort.
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