Everyone is charting a private flight, so should you and here’s why

Image result for family private jet flightEveryone is charting a private flight, so should you and here’s why:

Gone are the days when private flights were a preserve for the select few very wealthy individuals. Today, private flights have become the preferred mode of transport for many who value comfort, convenience and class. The growth of private flights has been spurred by many factors, one of which is the below-standard quality of commercial flights. Clients who have grown tired of the poor service and the constant cancellation of flights that is common with commercial flights turn to private flights and never turn back.

More destinations

Private flights offer much more destinations than ever before which has been central to their appeal and the steady increase in clients. With the number of private airports in the U.S being three times that if public airports, the possibilities are endless. One can now travel from one coast to the other in the comfort of a private flight with unparalleled comfort and luxury. Travelling from New York to Los Angeles has never been easier than it is now with private flights. Long distance travel is not the only field that private flights cater to. For the short distance travelers, private flights also come in handy.

While public flights follow a route that was fixed years or even in some cases decades ago, private flights explore new destinations every day to offer a better experience and more destinations to their clients. They are able to land and take off from smaller airports ensuring that one can get even to the remote areas. The possibilities offered by private flights are opening up new opportunities for individuals and businesses alike every day.

The benefits of private flights

The benefits offered by private flights are immense. One of the biggest benefits is time saving. For many business people, the difference between taking advantage of a huge opportunity and losing it to your competition is determined by time. A company may end up losing millions with just a slight delay in flight times. Time is just important even for those not in business as everyone has something to attend to. Private flights ensure that one never has to suffer the inconvenience that delays in commercial flights bring.

The prestige and experience

Private flights also offer a prestigious and elegant experience that is not offered by commercial flights. The comfort offered by private flights can’t be found elsewhere. While commercial flights operate on strict schedules which are inflexible, private flights are much more flexible and accommodating to the different schedules of their clients.

The popularity of private flights has surged over the last five years and this trend is not expected to change anytime soon. The great value they offer and the very affordable rates have made them a favorite for many.

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