The Citation X, World`s Fastest Business Jet


The Citation X, commonly known as the Cessna Citation X is a medium-sized, long-range American Business Jet. Powered by an impressive engine system, the jet relies on dual turbofan engines manufactured by the Cessna Aircraft Company located in Kansas. Impressively, the Citation X boasts of a modernised wing design, coupled with state of the art engines and avionics. These features cement the status of the Citation X as the fastest and most reliable business jet in the world.

Below is a quick review of the Citation X`s main features


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), recently cleared the Citation X as the globes speediest civilian jet with excellent stability levels as well as handling when at high speeds. This makes the jet reliable for both long and short business trips giving the users uncompromised comfort levels. The Cessna team of engineers designed the Citation X in such a manner that its streamlined feature does not affect its navigation or manoeuvrability at high speeds reaching up to 705 mph.

Key features

With elliptical winglets extending the main wings` tips, customers can relax in the jet due to increased stability and comfort even during adverse weather. According to Cessna CEO, the business jet allows customers to get to their destinations faster than other any other civilian aircraft thus making it convenient for users with urgent business needs. On top of the speed, the Citation X can accommodate up to 12 customers at once (quite an impressive feature considering its 976km/h speed)

Also, another feature is its capability to manage high altitudes of up to 51,000 feet which allows it to fly significantly above adverse weather and commercial traffic in the airspace. This makes it easier for pilots to manage a maximum cruise speed of approximately 527 knots. Therefore, customers can reach their destinations faster and more comfortably than with other aircraft.

The Citation X incorporates significant changes in design which includes a 14.9-inch longer cabin, an additional 0.8m in vertical height, a 5.6ft wingspan addition and an impressive take-off weight of 36,600lb. All this play a massive role in making the aircraft convenient, light and reliable, especially in high attitudes and bad weather. Therefore, with the Citation X, clients can rest assured of reaching their destination at convenient speeds.

The Citation X has a compact interior that makes comfort and convenience a priority. However, the speed of the aeroplane is what is causing ripples in the aeronautical world. The private jet keeps getting better with necessary modifications to its design and engine make-up that enhance its speed. The superior dual turbo engine allows it to navigate seamlessly at high altitudes and bad weather. Also, commercial air traffic does not affect the speed of the flight due to its superior flight attitude.

When it comes to the speed and convenience of private jets, the Citation X is no doubt the leader. The amazing 976km/h speed and impressive 51,000 feet flight capability make the Citation X a reliable option when speed is a major factor. As it stands, the Cessna Company has cemented its place as a major player in the aircraft market with its every release changing the market, more so the Citation X which boasts of the fastest speed of any private business jet in the world.

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