A Quick Guide to Empty Legs


If you are looking for a private charter whether you are traveling for a business meeting or just for pleasure, the chances are that you might have encountered the term “empty leg flight”. What does the term mean and how can you use it to your benefits? This article is going to give you a quick guide about empty legs.

What is an empty leg flight?

An empty leg situation happens when a private charter plane is forced to fly empty in a bid to reposition itself for the next flight. If the flight is chartered to fly from point X to Y, but it first has to fly back to X or even Z before it can go to the designated economically viable flight. This situation occurs if the private plane needs to meet a particular client who is at a different airport. Another possible reason is if the plane goes for a one-way flight and it is supposed to return to its designated airport. The flight operator will have no other option but to reposition the aircraft even with no passengers on board. In other words, the flight will make a minimal profit and sometimes generate no revenue.

To compensate the operation cost of the flight, some operators may opt to offer lower prices just to ensure that the plane is full.

Who can use empty leg flights?

Empty leg flights are ideal for travelers who have a very flexible travel timetable, not in any hurry and are not tied down by some rigid conditions. If you are this kind of traveler and you would like to enjoy the luxuries that come with a private jet, be on the lookout for these flights. Some of the common privileges of a private plane that you are likely to get include high levels of privacy, special meals, quick customs service, customized pet travel and executive parking space. The only different thing is that you will enjoy all these services at a relatively low price tag.

Benefits of empty legs

One of the biggest advantages of empty leg flight is regarding the price. They always come with amazing discount offers which can go up to 75% of the standard price. If you have goals of saving on your flights, an empty leg will be the best option for you. However, it is important to note that the discount rates may vary with the operator.

In addition to the discounts, the prices for empty leg flights are negotiable. You can negotiate with the operator till you agree on the price tag that will be comfortable to both of you. As expected, this can only be possible if you are ready to be flexible.


Though empty leg flights are always regarded as free benefits, they also come with some disadvantages. First, they are one-way flights only. You won’t enjoy the benefits that come with a return trip. The flights are also available at short notice. It is almost impossible to plan for empty leg flights because they are only available on short notice. The flights also cover a limited number of routes.

The bottom line

Empty leg flights can be found on various online platforms. If you have a flexible program and would like to catch last minute flight opportunities, don’t hesitate to use empty legs.