Time is Money, Earn More with Private Flights

The benefits that one can associate with a private jet over a commercial flight are numerous to say the least. However, in this instance, we will focus our attention on one key area that can indeed make a substantial difference to the corporate executive. That difference is the time aspect, and in business; time is indeed money.

The way in which you can cut off precious minutes starts before you board. Commercial flights force you into joining the queue at check-in, and then there is the waiting around before going through passport control and then waiting once again at the gate. It gets worse as you have to then sit on the flight and wait for everyone to get settled before sitting there once again for the taxing slot before you can take off.

It’s no surprise that you have to check-in two or three hours before a flight, or there would be no time to do anything.

For people that are merely going about their everyday business, and perhaps going on vacation or going to visit family, this hanging around is an inconvenience, but it is not the end of the world. The same cannot be said for the corporate executive where every minute equates to an opportunity lost, a situation that must be avoided.

So, what is the difference with a private jet? Well, gone are the long queues at the check-in desk and passport control. Say goodbye to the time wasted for your flight taking off. Instead, a private jet charter service provides you with an accurate take-off time, no waiting around, no need to sit on board your flight wondering where those last few passengers are and whether or not you will miss your take-off slot. Everything will run far more smoothly than you have ever experienced before.

Of course, from a business perspective, it makes so much sense to utilize a form of transport that still gets you to the same destination, but does so in a fraction of the time. By simply being able to walk on board, you could have brought your meeting to an end thanks to using a private jet charter service before you would have even got there on a commercial flight. Also, a private jet will also have additional options when it comes to the airports that they can use, so you may even land closer to your end destination than is possible with a commercial aircraft.

However, you may be interested to know just how much time you can indeed save. Well, in response, it should be pointed out that the average waiting time at an FBO is between five to six minutes. Compare that to the two or three hours that exist with the commercial flight option and you can already see the advantage that the private jet has over other options.

Some advocates for commercial flights would then argue that commercial aircraft fly faster than private jets, and this is mainly true aside from a couple of options. The important point is that the difference in speed is not substantial enough to remove the time advantage that you have created with the waiting period.

They say that time is money, so surely you would be interested in trying to reduce as much wasted time as possible? If so, then consider using private flights for business reasons. With greater control over your flight options, less time at the airport, and no queues, it is difficult to see any reason to not consider this as the best form of transportation for your business needs.

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