How To Prepare For Your First London Trip

LondonLondon. The beautiful, vibrant, diverse capital of the United Kingdom. It is a must-visit destination for many US travelers keen to experience life on the other side of the pond. Still, there are many misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding the city that may get in the way when planning the ideal UK getaway. As much as Londoners advise travelers to go with the flow and enjoy the sights and boroughs for what they are, it does help to be prepared. The London of movies and popular culture isn’t always accurate. In fact the real thing is even better.

5 common myths about traveling to London and what to really expect

Myth #1: It is all black cabs and red London buses when it comes to transportation.

While it is fun to travel on a red London bus, or a sightseeing open-top bus, the best way to get around this city is by tube. That’s the local underground metro system to everyone else. These convenient lines run across the city for easy travel between major destinations and places of interest. The Oyster card payment system makes it even easier to jump on and off. Don’t pay out for a black cab unless essential. Even then there are plenty of Uber drivers. Also plan your route from the airport into London. Heathrow isn’t exactly central.

Myth #2: The weather is always terrible in England so pack your umbrella (or a brolly over there)!

England has this odd reputation for terrible weather, when it is the US that faces the more extreme climate changes and storms. The risk of bad weather will depend on the season – there is little chance of snow in December and it can get pretty hot in July and August. Pack accordingly, with a rainproof jacket and layers, and work around any rain showers. Spend sunny spells in one of the many parks and rain shower in indoor attraction. Also, ignore those that say London will be foggy.

London2Myth #3: London is full of cliches

There are a lot of cliche-type places to cater for those that expect it, but the stereotypical tourist experience is vital for any first timer. Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament are all must see and actually within walking distance. Yet, there are treats and treasure lurking around all corners and it pays to do some research. Pick the most interesting and create your own personal itinerary.

Myth #4: The food is terrible.

This one depends on the establishment, but it is not all jellied eels and chippies (yes they are both real). The cuisine of London is as diverse in ethnicity and style as the people creating it, with something to suit all tastes and budgets from street food to fine dining. Again, research the area near your hotel to see what’s around.

Myth #5: London is really expensive.

This final one is harder to contest because London can be very expensive, especially compared to other parts of the UK. However, it is possible to have a cheap break with the right approach. There are cheaper hotels and guesthouse around. Many attractions will be within walking distance, with free admission. It all comes back to careful planning and research.

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3 Ultra Luxurious, Over-the-Top Ways to Spend Your Cash on Travel

imagesWe have all dreamt of the perfect vacation. For each of us that dream is different. Whether you are an outdoors type who likes to rough it while escaping the human race for a few days of solitude or you want to get lost in a sea of partiers planning a legendary week of gluttony. A vacation above your wildest dreams exists if you just know where to find it.

Solitude is hard to find in our busy day to day lives. People are everywhere and sometimes you just need a minute to think. There are extraordinary places in this magnificent world to do that. You just have to search for them because after all if everyone knew about them- they wouldn’t be places of solitude anymore. We know a few not so secret but still peaceful sanctuaries where you can recharge and hear yourself think.

For those with an unlimited budget, your options are also unlimited but if you are looking for something unique and very private you could rent The Brando. This 35-villa hide-away was opened by Marlon Brando’s family a few years after Marlon Brando died. It is situated on the small island Brando fell in love with while filming “Mutiny on the Bounty”. For just $25 000 a night you can hide away from the world in a little hut much like Brando did when not on the silver screen.

If you didn’t want to share your island with other guests then perhaps Calviny, a small island off the coast of Grenada would be more to your liking. It can accommodate 80 people but is only rented to one party at a time. $140 000 will give you a magical night of luxury on the island with your exclusive guest, a butler, maids, and private chef and many recreational activities are available to meet all your tastes and vacation needs.

If you truly want to see it all then a trip around the world can be done in under a month. A private jet can whisk you away to the exotic destinations on your list and you can fly in luxury while experiencing it all. From Africa to feed the giraffes to Mexico to swim with the dolphins, you can see all this majestic world has to offer and the amazing creatures that inhabit it on your own schedule with a private crew waiting to cater to your travelling desires. No long lines at ticket counters or lost luggage to contend with and the only crying babies are the ones you brought with you.

If you are looking for a luxury vacation in the United States there are endless possibilities close to home too. Blackberry Farm in Tennessee is luxury and rustic tranquility all wrapped up into one. Surrounded by nature and treated to some of the most scrumptious food in the world this beautiful vacation spot offers the peacefulness of the woodland around you, the relaxation of spas and pools to melt your stress away and fresh farm to table cuisine that will rejuvenate your body and indulge your most expensive tastes all at the same time.

Mark Twain offered wise advice when he stated “Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth of one’s lifetime”. There is a vast, beautiful, incredible world out there for you to explore.

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How to Take Great Travel Photos

travel photos (2)

Vacations are rare moments that come to us not so frequently. When taking vacations, our main aim is to enjoy that time to the fullest and kept the memories with us both in our minds, hearts and also physically.

Taking photos when in vacation with your loved ones is the best part since it will help you remember the good times you had. The photos have to be just perfect so as to capture our moments to the fullest. Here are tips on how to take great vacation photos.

Firstly, get a good camera bag, enough full batteries just in case lights go out if you had a chargeable camera. Have enough extra storage so you won’t have to delete photos to make space for others. Also, be adventurous; go out of the ordinary paths to find rusty places or even beautiful sceneries. Taking good shots of even rusty places makes them look beautiful and unique.

For amazing photos, you need wide angle lens. These will help in capturing all the beauty of the scenery. 10-22mm would be really great for you, but if this wasn’t in your budget, a 32mm prime would also do the job. If you didn’t carry your wide angle lenses, you can use panoramic sequences then be able to pair the pictures together later by the help of Photoshop. You can also use light to your advantage.

Taking pictures in the morning and evening hours is the best time since there are fewer shadows and the light is richer. Even when there isn’t a perfect weather and it’s raining, you can still use the light to your advantage. Look at things that glisten and reflect well the image, focus on the light even the smallest amount and you’ll have a great picture. Any weather is a great time to take a photo; whether in scarves, umbrellas boots, and others, just go with what you have and you’ll make a great picture.

Concentrate on the faces. Having a great moment includes seeing the joy in your loved one’s eyes. Capturing a great moment will have you crying in joy years later as you look at expressions on your loved one’s eyes. To do so make sure you’re good at your focusing technique then open widely the apertures of your camera (this will make the background blurtravel photosry and highlight the face) then zoom in the face concentrating on the eyes or eyelashes and with that, a great shot will be taken.

Take pictures of objects, scenery or wildlife at different angles. You can shoot a photo out of a reflection in the mirror, or climb higher or lower from the subject you’re taking a picture of and sometimes make sure they aren’t aware of it. Also, take photos when people are jumping, rolling or even dancing it freezes a great moment. Lastly, pass the camera around. Just because you’re the one taking pictures doesn’t mean that you aren’t required to be in one

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Private Charter to Las Vegas Getaway: What to Expect

Las Vegas is a prime destination for large groups of travelers for a variety of reasons. There are the businessmen heading out on a corporate trip, and perhaps a little time in the casinos. There are the families heading out on a vacation. Then there are the bachelor and bachelorette parties out for a little excess before the big day. Each of these groups deserves the chance to head to this city in style.

If you are heading out to Las Vegas as a group for a week of luxury, why wait until you arrive at your hotel?

The best thing about the private charter experience is that you can expand your trip. You are able to choose, and amend, your flight times and routes. Do you need to stop somewhere and collect other members of the party? Will you need to postpone the flight by a half hour? The second luxury is the range of onboard facilities. In addition to the comfortable seats, social vibe and décor, there is the food and drinks. The catering options will depend on the flight and size of plane, and of course how much you’re willing to spend.

The other great thing about this more high-end service is that you get a whole new airport experience

It understandable that some people may be a little anxious at the idea of checking in for a private jet flight, as it is a whole new experience. However, it is much more laid back. For a start, you don’t need to be at the airport hours in advance, waiting around in departure lounges with hordes of other passengers. Instead you can arrive pretty close to the designated flight time, as long as you leave enough time for a quick security check and safe boarding. Your group will find that security is a breeze, as they will be expecting you. There will be refreshments and more comfortable surrounding in this private departure area, but you may be able to go straight on-board the plane.

There is no better way to travel to Las Vegas

The private charter approach to boarding and airport procedure really is best for all those that are keen to get to Las Vegas asap. You turn up, go through security, meet the pilot, board and you are off. No queues, no waiting around for other passengers and no hassle. This all means that there should be no problem at all in enjoying a quiet – or not so quiet – flight to Vegas. Start the party early, or enjoy the moment with that special someone. You will soon realize that there really is no better way for large bachelor parties, families or any other group to reach Vegas.

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Share a Private Jet and Spend Less than First Class Tickets

 Share a Private Jet and Spend Less than First Class Tickets

Luxury air travel is a great way to start a holiday in style, or perhaps end one with a bang. A first class ticket on a commercial flight or a chartered private jet both have their perks. For many, the idea of taking a chartered flight for a trip across the country is the pinnacle of traveling. Yet, many disregard the idea entirely because they believe that it is far too expensive. There is the assumption that private jets really are only reserved for the rich and famous. This isn’t true at all. With the right party of people, and some clever booking, it could actually be cheaper than that first class ticket.

How are some private jet flights cheaper than a first class ticket?

With first class flight, you are paying a premium to receive a better service than those in the cheaper seats behind you. The extra cost seems relative in comparison, but every single person in the party has to pay that high price. With private jet flights, there are high costs involved in chartering a plane for the occasion because you need your pilot, fuel and everything else that goes into the ideal flight. However, this is a set rental cost for the party. With a big enough group of people, that cost can come down considerably so that each person’s share is then less than the equivalent first class ticket.

It is also worth looking out for empty leg flights, as these options can also be cheaper and help to save a little money. Most groups flying on a private jet are heading on vacation, or a weekend business trip, and won’t be on the return flight. That plane has to go back to the original destination regardless of whether there are passengers or not. Groups can take advantage of this return leg and get a ride at a cheaper rate. The downside of this is that it restricts the available flight times. One of the perks of private jet charters is that you can fly at any time of day that suits you most. With empty legs, you have to fly when the opportunity is there.

Convenient flight times are not the only benefit of choosing private jet charters over first class tickets

Those that can get one of these great deals on a private jet flight can experience many benefits over the typical first class experience. In addition to the cheaper rate, there is the chance to fly to a wider range of locations. Instead of flying to a major airport miles out of the city, you could end up at a more convenient airfield. This also cuts costs further by eliminating the need for connecting flights to smaller destinations and other travel expenses. Finally, there is the fact that you will be traveling exclusively with friends and family – not strangers. You can eat, drink and enjoy yourselves without the risk of upsetting other passengers. It is simply a more relaxing and enjoyable experience. Here the vacation really can start early.

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