Share a Private Jet and Spend Less than First Class Tickets

 Share a Private Jet and Spend Less than First Class Tickets

Luxury air travel is a great way to start a holiday in style, or perhaps end one with a bang. A first class ticket on a commercial flight or a chartered private jet both have their perks. For many, the idea of taking a chartered flight for a trip across the country is the pinnacle of traveling. Yet, many disregard the idea entirely because they believe that it is far too expensive. There is the assumption that private jets really are only reserved for the rich and famous. This isn’t true at all. With the right party of people, and some clever booking, it could actually be cheaper than that first class ticket.

How are some private jet flights cheaper than a first class ticket?

With first class flight, you are paying a premium to receive a better service than those in the cheaper seats behind you. The extra cost seems relative in comparison, but every single person in the party has to pay that high price. With private jet flights, there are high costs involved in chartering a plane for the occasion because you need your pilot, fuel and everything else that goes into the ideal flight. However, this is a set rental cost for the party. With a big enough group of people, that cost can come down considerably so that each person’s share is then less than the equivalent first class ticket.

It is also worth looking out for empty leg flights, as these options can also be cheaper and help to save a little money. Most groups flying on a private jet are heading on vacation, or a weekend business trip, and won’t be on the return flight. That plane has to go back to the original destination regardless of whether there are passengers or not. Groups can take advantage of this return leg and get a ride at a cheaper rate. The downside of this is that it restricts the available flight times. One of the perks of private jet charters is that you can fly at any time of day that suits you most. With empty legs, you have to fly when the opportunity is there.

Convenient flight times are not the only benefit of choosing private jet charters over first class tickets

Those that can get one of these great deals on a private jet flight can experience many benefits over the typical first class experience. In addition to the cheaper rate, there is the chance to fly to a wider range of locations. Instead of flying to a major airport miles out of the city, you could end up at a more convenient airfield. This also cuts costs further by eliminating the need for connecting flights to smaller destinations and other travel expenses. Finally, there is the fact that you will be traveling exclusively with friends and family – not strangers. You can eat, drink and enjoy yourselves without the risk of upsetting other passengers. It is simply a more relaxing and enjoyable experience. Here the vacation really can start early.

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