Private Charter to Las Vegas Getaway: What to Expect

Las Vegas is a prime destination for large groups of travelers for a variety of reasons. There are the businessmen heading out on a corporate trip, and perhaps a little time in the casinos. There are the families heading out on a vacation. Then there are the bachelor and bachelorette parties out for a little excess before the big day. Each of these groups deserves the chance to head to this city in style.

If you are heading out to Las Vegas as a group for a week of luxury, why wait until you arrive at your hotel?

The best thing about the private charter experience is that you can expand your trip. You are able to choose, and amend, your flight times and routes. Do you need to stop somewhere and collect other members of the party? Will you need to postpone the flight by a half hour? The second luxury is the range of onboard facilities. In addition to the comfortable seats, social vibe and décor, there is the food and drinks. The catering options will depend on the flight and size of plane, and of course how much you’re willing to spend.

The other great thing about this more high-end service is that you get a whole new airport experience

It understandable that some people may be a little anxious at the idea of checking in for a private jet flight, as it is a whole new experience. However, it is much more laid back. For a start, you don’t need to be at the airport hours in advance, waiting around in departure lounges with hordes of other passengers. Instead you can arrive pretty close to the designated flight time, as long as you leave enough time for a quick security check and safe boarding. Your group will find that security is a breeze, as they will be expecting you. There will be refreshments and more comfortable surrounding in this private departure area, but you may be able to go straight on-board the plane.

There is no better way to travel to Las Vegas

The private charter approach to boarding and airport procedure really is best for all those that are keen to get to Las Vegas asap. You turn up, go through security, meet the pilot, board and you are off. No queues, no waiting around for other passengers and no hassle. This all means that there should be no problem at all in enjoying a quiet – or not so quiet – flight to Vegas. Start the party early, or enjoy the moment with that special someone. You will soon realize that there really is no better way for large bachelor parties, families or any other group to reach Vegas.

Private jet charter flights have never been easier. Zephyr Jets provides an ultimate luxury experience at the best price in the market. Call one of our specialized concierges for more info: 888-442-3131