Take a Weekend Trip to Vegas Aboard a Private Jet

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What can be better than heading off to Las Vegas for a luxury weekend trip? The answer is arriving in style!

 Charter a private jet flight to Las Vegas and enjoy an experience that you’ll cherish for years to come!

Worried about the pricing and safety? Don’t be, Zephyr Jets offers competitive pricing schedules and a superior    service for Vegas chartered jet travel.

Why fly to Vegas on a private jet plane?

Privacy, luxury, comfort, style are just some of the benefits that you’ll enjoy. And if you’re heading to Vegas, it’s likely that you’re not travelling alone. Enjoy a special group rates if you’re traveling with friends or family. Group-rates can be cost effective and ideal for your budget.

From the client’s preferred cabin size requirements to preferred onboard amenities; from customized baggage storage capacity to a personalized travel itinerary, a personalized chartered jet service can help you plan the luxurious and stress-free Vegas journey that you deserve.

Whether you are taking a domestic, international, or a multi-city trip, our team is available to serve every single need. Your party doesn’t have to stay limited to Vegas; our charters also fly to isolated and far-flung regions that would otherwise require a lot of logistics and planning.

What makes Zephyr Jets unique?

With us, you can travel to Las Vegas with uncompromised luxury at the most competitive market rates. Get personalized VIP attention with a specialized travel concierge that will help you in every detail. We offer executive airport connections around the globe that will provide you with a hassle free experience from start to finish.

Get in touch

Get in the party mood even before arriving in Vegas when you fly privately with Zephyr Jets. We are just a phone call away to your next destination. What happens in Vegas, might not stay in Vegas this time around.

Private jet charter flights have never been easier. Zephyr Jets provides an ultimate luxury experience at the best price in the market. Call one of our specialized concierges for more info: 888-442-3131.

embraer legacy

Since the 1960′s, Learjet Continues on as King of the Sky


The great invention of the first successful aircraft was made in 1905 by the American Wright brothers. Since then different aircrafts of all shapes, sizes and prices have been manufactured.

Learjet has been one of the manufacturers of business and private jets. It has been referred as a builder of his own kind and class, ruling the sky as the lion rules the jungle, “King of the Sky”.


Learjet was founded back in the 1950s by William Powell Lear and manufactured by an American industry of jets’ business. Learjet remains to be amongst the first manufacturers of private jets. The idea of building business jets originated from Swiss P-16 aircraft which was an American military aircraft by Bill Lear with his team, thus laid a foundation of Learjet. This led to the formation of Swiss American Aircraft Corporation which is located in Altenhein, Switzerland and comprises of design engineers from Britain, Switzerland and also Germany. Learjet was initially to be called SAAC-23 or Tina jet. Although the establishment was laid in Switzerland, it was relocated to Wichita, Kansas in the year 1962. This is because Kansas had many skilled workers in aircraft techniques and still there were other aircraft companies. In 1963, that’s when the first Learjet was assembled, and the following year the company was named as Lear Jet Corporation.


The first Learjet was similar to the fighter prototypes except for the landing gears and the wings which were designed slightly different from the original American military aircraft. The first Learjet 35 was flown when Lear Jet Corporation was merged with Gates Rubber Company of Denver in the year 1967, thus forming gates Learjet Corporation. This strong jet namely Learjet 35, made the company to be awarded an award called president’s “Award meant to promote export sales.

In 1977, a new aircraft called Learjet 28 fitted with new wings known as winglets were launched. It had improved performance while saving the fuel used thus nicknamed “Longhorn.” A Bombardier Learjet was then made since 1990. This is when the company in Canada called Bombardier Aerospace acquired the Learjet Corporation and sold the jets as ‘Bombardier Learjet Family.’

The first product of this company was Learjet 60 on October 10 the same year, followed by Learjet 45 on October 7, 1995. The Bombardier Learjet made a new program for making aircraft called Learjet 85. It was larger with longer range and faster than any other Learjet carried out before. But it canceled the Learjet program on October 28, 2015.

Mobile Adoption in Private Jet Booking Equals Greater Savings for Clients


The adoption of technology in private jet bookings has transformed the aviation industry tremendously. While private aviation is typically a preserve for the rich and famous, the introduction of mobile booking platforms has attracted new entrants into the market. Increasingly tech-savvy millennials and young private fliers.

Easy Booking

For those who can afford it, a few clicks of a button can put one on a flight to anywhere in the world in the comfort of a private jet. New services and mobile applications are streamlining the booking process for private flying, which once involved high-end connections and brokers.


Lower costs and increased ease of access are going to prompt a surge in younger generations being attracted to the perks of private jet travel. Mobile booking platforms currently provide instant access to an international fleet of aircraft at client’s fingertips. These platforms have provided a long-awaited solution to a market which was unable to attract the casual flyer, who finds commercial airlines more cumbersome than convenient.

Ease of use

Mobile apps such as Stratajet use sophisticated technology to guarantee ultra fast ways to book a private plane at reasonable prices. A simple search can return accurate costs for a wide range of aircraft in just a couple of seconds, not to mention the ability to make instant bookings.

While the use of mobile applications to book for flights continues to grow across platforms, mobile searches have more than doubled the rate of desktop usage. Mobile adoption in private jet bookings is changing the demographics of flight bookings, with the number of women searching for flight doubling since 2016. In fact, the number of searches by female customers increased by over 50 percent more than men.


As consumers become increasingly aware of time and cost-saving tactics, they require instant access to a range services and private jet travel is no exception. Mobile technology translates to significant savings and a much-needed shift in the mentality of private flying. The adoption of mobile technology will inevitably continue to streamline the industry’s processes, in turn providing more accessibility for people to find affordable private jet travel. It goes without saying that smartphones will continue to become the medium for customers to access private flights, further transforming how people travel.

While the cost of flying private has tremendously dropped in the past few years or so, it’s still relatively a preserve for those who have a little extra income. However, that is likely to change very soon. Booking a private flight using today’s mobile apps can cost much less than first-class flights on some commercial planes. It would make sense for large groups of people who would like to travel in style to take advantage of such apps, especially if they will be paying less than a first class commercial flight.

Moreover, web-based entrants and mobile apps that act as charter brokers are offering new pricing models that involve shuttles, plane sharing, empty legs and other ingenious cost-cutting models. These developments will make private jet travel attractive and affordable to more people in the near future.

Private jet charter flights have never been easier. Zephyr Jets provides an ultimate luxury experience at the best price in the market. Call one of our specialized concierges for more info: 888-442-3131

A Quick Guide to Empty Legs


If you are looking for a private charter whether you are traveling for a business meeting or just for pleasure, the chances are that you might have encountered the term “empty leg flight”. What does the term mean and how can you use it to your benefits? This article is going to give you a quick guide about empty legs.

What is an empty leg flight?

An empty leg situation happens when a private charter plane is forced to fly empty in a bid to reposition itself for the next flight. If the flight is chartered to fly from point X to Y, but it first has to fly back to X or even Z before it can go to the designated economically viable flight. This situation occurs if the private plane needs to meet a particular client who is at a different airport. Another possible reason is if the plane goes for a one-way flight and it is supposed to return to its designated airport. The flight operator will have no other option but to reposition the aircraft even with no passengers on board. In other words, the flight will make a minimal profit and sometimes generate no revenue.

To compensate the operation cost of the flight, some operators may opt to offer lower prices just to ensure that the plane is full.

Who can use empty leg flights?

Empty leg flights are ideal for travelers who have a very flexible travel timetable, not in any hurry and are not tied down by some rigid conditions. If you are this kind of traveler and you would like to enjoy the luxuries that come with a private jet, be on the lookout for these flights. Some of the common privileges of a private plane that you are likely to get include high levels of privacy, special meals, quick customs service, customized pet travel and executive parking space. The only different thing is that you will enjoy all these services at a relatively low price tag.

Benefits of empty legs

One of the biggest advantages of empty leg flight is regarding the price. They always come with amazing discount offers which can go up to 75% of the standard price. If you have goals of saving on your flights, an empty leg will be the best option for you. However, it is important to note that the discount rates may vary with the operator.

In addition to the discounts, the prices for empty leg flights are negotiable. You can negotiate with the operator till you agree on the price tag that will be comfortable to both of you. As expected, this can only be possible if you are ready to be flexible.


Though empty leg flights are always regarded as free benefits, they also come with some disadvantages. First, they are one-way flights only. You won’t enjoy the benefits that come with a return trip. The flights are also available at short notice. It is almost impossible to plan for empty leg flights because they are only available on short notice. The flights also cover a limited number of routes.

The bottom line

Empty leg flights can be found on various online platforms. If you have a flexible program and would like to catch last minute flight opportunities, don’t hesitate to use empty legs.

The Citation X, World`s Fastest Business Jet


The Citation X, commonly known as the Cessna Citation X is a medium-sized, long-range American Business Jet. Powered by an impressive engine system, the jet relies on dual turbofan engines manufactured by the Cessna Aircraft Company located in Kansas. Impressively, the Citation X boasts of a modernised wing design, coupled with state of the art engines and avionics. These features cement the status of the Citation X as the fastest and most reliable business jet in the world.

Below is a quick review of the Citation X`s main features


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), recently cleared the Citation X as the globes speediest civilian jet with excellent stability levels as well as handling when at high speeds. This makes the jet reliable for both long and short business trips giving the users uncompromised comfort levels. The Cessna team of engineers designed the Citation X in such a manner that its streamlined feature does not affect its navigation or manoeuvrability at high speeds reaching up to 705 mph.

Key features

With elliptical winglets extending the main wings` tips, customers can relax in the jet due to increased stability and comfort even during adverse weather. According to Cessna CEO, the business jet allows customers to get to their destinations faster than other any other civilian aircraft thus making it convenient for users with urgent business needs. On top of the speed, the Citation X can accommodate up to 12 customers at once (quite an impressive feature considering its 976km/h speed)

Also, another feature is its capability to manage high altitudes of up to 51,000 feet which allows it to fly significantly above adverse weather and commercial traffic in the airspace. This makes it easier for pilots to manage a maximum cruise speed of approximately 527 knots. Therefore, customers can reach their destinations faster and more comfortably than with other aircraft.

The Citation X incorporates significant changes in design which includes a 14.9-inch longer cabin, an additional 0.8m in vertical height, a 5.6ft wingspan addition and an impressive take-off weight of 36,600lb. All this play a massive role in making the aircraft convenient, light and reliable, especially in high attitudes and bad weather. Therefore, with the Citation X, clients can rest assured of reaching their destination at convenient speeds.

The Citation X has a compact interior that makes comfort and convenience a priority. However, the speed of the aeroplane is what is causing ripples in the aeronautical world. The private jet keeps getting better with necessary modifications to its design and engine make-up that enhance its speed. The superior dual turbo engine allows it to navigate seamlessly at high altitudes and bad weather. Also, commercial air traffic does not affect the speed of the flight due to its superior flight attitude.

When it comes to the speed and convenience of private jets, the Citation X is no doubt the leader. The amazing 976km/h speed and impressive 51,000 feet flight capability make the Citation X a reliable option when speed is a major factor. As it stands, the Cessna Company has cemented its place as a major player in the aircraft market with its every release changing the market, more so the Citation X which boasts of the fastest speed of any private business jet in the world.

Private jet charter flights have never been easier. Zephyr Jets provides an ultimate luxury experience at the best price in the market. Call one of our specialized concierges for more info: 888-442-3131

The Growth of Private Charter in a Strong Economic Environment

CapturaPrivate charter provides travelers with a secure, safe, fast and flexible access to many destinations worldwide. There is a trade-off between the cost of a private charter and the time saved. For some people, this is the main reason they choose the service.

The growth of the business aviation sector has been on the rise in the last decade, with the highest growth registered in the U.S. After the United States economy regained its balance in the late 2000s from a worldwide economic downturn, the demand for private jets increased exponentially. Europe also experienced this upturn, and new markets emerged with new demand and supply. This trend also spread to the Middle East and Asia creating a new wave of business aviators.

The U.S. economy is on a growth trajectory, and the business aviation industry is on the rise with the economy. As the sector began to record good numbers, a simultaneous demand for private charters also emerged. Business jet companies are now reporting a steady increase in sales, both from charter and purchases.

What are the Economic Market Drivers?

Personal wealth is one of the primary factors that has encouraged the growth of the private charter sector. Wealth is created when there is economic growth, which in turn boosts the demand for business jet charter worldwide. The MSCI World Index shows a 65% wealth creation growth between 2009 – 2012. This indicator reveals that many people got richer despite a global downturn. Forbes also reported an uptick in the number of millionaires between 2012 and 2014.

The richer the economy, the richer the citizens. As millionaires are born, disposable income becomes more available. What this essentially means is that private jet travelers who have no plans of buying jets now have more money to hire private charters. Let’s look at some statistics from market analyst Argus. TraqPak is used by Argus and is the most sophisticated activity analysis and market intelligence reporting system for the aviation industry.

The Argus July 2017 TraqPak Business Aircraft Activity report showed business aviation flight activity from 2012 – 2017. Below is a 3 point summary:

• A 4.3% year over year increase from June 2016 – June 2017

• Weekday flights increased by 4.5% from 2016 to 2017

• Private charter numbers have been on a steep rise since 2012

Simply put, the growth of business jets is quantified by the specific region’s economic size as reflected by its GDP and the U.S is the best candidate for this analysis.

North America is critical to the success of the private charter market. When other economies are facing a downturn, and the North American economy is not, business charter will not be affected by other economies. This analysis is evident in the growth pattern of the U.S economy and the subsequent growth of the private charter sector.


The private charter industry continues to thrive and recover from the worldwide economic downturn of 2009-2010. Despite some challenges, the industry continues to grow.

Increased consumer confidence is also another factor that has helped boost this industry, and many experts predict tremendous growth going forward. This positive forecast is due to some key drivers like branded charter demands, fractional accessibility of the market, trade globalization, wealth creation and much more.

Private jet charter flights have never been easier. Zephyr Jets provides an ultimate luxury experience at the best price in the market. Call one of our specialized concierges for more info: 888-442-3131

Everyone is charting a private flight, so should you and here’s why

Image result for family private jet flightEveryone is charting a private flight, so should you and here’s why:

Gone are the days when private flights were a preserve for the select few very wealthy individuals. Today, private flights have become the preferred mode of transport for many who value comfort, convenience and class. The growth of private flights has been spurred by many factors, one of which is the below-standard quality of commercial flights. Clients who have grown tired of the poor service and the constant cancellation of flights that is common with commercial flights turn to private flights and never turn back.

More destinations

Private flights offer much more destinations than ever before which has been central to their appeal and the steady increase in clients. With the number of private airports in the U.S being three times that if public airports, the possibilities are endless. One can now travel from one coast to the other in the comfort of a private flight with unparalleled comfort and luxury. Travelling from New York to Los Angeles has never been easier than it is now with private flights. Long distance travel is not the only field that private flights cater to. For the short distance travelers, private flights also come in handy.

While public flights follow a route that was fixed years or even in some cases decades ago, private flights explore new destinations every day to offer a better experience and more destinations to their clients. They are able to land and take off from smaller airports ensuring that one can get even to the remote areas. The possibilities offered by private flights are opening up new opportunities for individuals and businesses alike every day.

The benefits of private flights

The benefits offered by private flights are immense. One of the biggest benefits is time saving. For many business people, the difference between taking advantage of a huge opportunity and losing it to your competition is determined by time. A company may end up losing millions with just a slight delay in flight times. Time is just important even for those not in business as everyone has something to attend to. Private flights ensure that one never has to suffer the inconvenience that delays in commercial flights bring.

The prestige and experience

Private flights also offer a prestigious and elegant experience that is not offered by commercial flights. The comfort offered by private flights can’t be found elsewhere. While commercial flights operate on strict schedules which are inflexible, private flights are much more flexible and accommodating to the different schedules of their clients.

The popularity of private flights has surged over the last five years and this trend is not expected to change anytime soon. The great value they offer and the very affordable rates have made them a favorite for many.

————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Private jet charter flights have never been easier. Zephyr Jets provides an ultimate luxury experience at the best price in the market. Call one of our specialized concierges for more info: 888-442-3131

How to Save Money Flying Privately

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Flying private has many benefits – no security lines or rigorous security checks, soft cushy seats, a lot of legroom, and more. It is thus not surprising that most people believe only the wealthy can afford to fly privately. However, and contrary to popular belief, flying private is not as expensive as it used to be, and it is becoming more and more accessible to ordinary folks. In fact, sometimes, you can save money on a private flight compared to flying commercial. How can you do this? Below is a look at some of the top ways on how you can save money flying privately.

Group travel

Private jet charter services charge the same fee for a flight, regardless of whether there is only one person aboard or the if the flight is full. As such, group travel is one of the best ways of saving money when flying privately as you can split the cost amongst yourselves. Therefore, the next time you plan on chartering a private jet, make sure you have some people who can travel with you and share the cost.

Find an empty leg flight

An empty leg flight (also known as a dead charter) is a one-way flight where there are no passengers on board. These flights usually occur on the return flight when the jet is going back to the home base, or when it is going to pick up the passenger(s). Since it would be wasteful to fly with no passengers, most private jet charter services are always willing to accommodate people at a lower-than-normal fee. Therefore, you can save a considerable amount of money when flying by booking a seat on an empty leg flight.

Invest in a Jet Card program

A jet card program is a membership program which provides you with access to the private jets of your preferred charter service. When using a Jet Card, you pay a fixed flat fee for a set number of hours, regardless of your destination. The Jet Card option is an excellent way of saving money if you are a frequent flyer.

Comparing prices and book online

Just like with the commercial air travel, the private jet industry is catching up to the perks of online booking. This means that you can compare prices for various private flights, which will then allow you to book the cheapest flight. With price comparison, you will be able to find private jet charter services that are offering discounts, seasonal offers, and other deals, where you can save a lot of money.

Final words

Flying private used to be a luxury that only the wealthy could afford. However, over time, it has become more and more accessible to everyday traveler. If you know where to look, you can fly privately in style and even save quite a bit of money.

————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Private jet charter flights have never been easier. Zephyr Jets provides an ultimate luxury experience at the best price in the market. Call one of our specialized concierges for more info: 888-442-3131

Time is Money, Earn More with Private Flights

The benefits that one can associate with a private jet over a commercial flight are numerous to say the least. However, in this instance, we will focus our attention on one key area that can indeed make a substantial difference to the corporate executive. That difference is the time aspect, and in business; time is indeed money.

The way in which you can cut off precious minutes starts before you board. Commercial flights force you into joining the queue at check-in, and then there is the waiting around before going through passport control and then waiting once again at the gate. It gets worse as you have to then sit on the flight and wait for everyone to get settled before sitting there once again for the taxing slot before you can take off.

It’s no surprise that you have to check-in two or three hours before a flight, or there would be no time to do anything.

For people that are merely going about their everyday business, and perhaps going on vacation or going to visit family, this hanging around is an inconvenience, but it is not the end of the world. The same cannot be said for the corporate executive where every minute equates to an opportunity lost, a situation that must be avoided.

So, what is the difference with a private jet? Well, gone are the long queues at the check-in desk and passport control. Say goodbye to the time wasted for your flight taking off. Instead, a private jet charter service provides you with an accurate take-off time, no waiting around, no need to sit on board your flight wondering where those last few passengers are and whether or not you will miss your take-off slot. Everything will run far more smoothly than you have ever experienced before.

Of course, from a business perspective, it makes so much sense to utilize a form of transport that still gets you to the same destination, but does so in a fraction of the time. By simply being able to walk on board, you could have brought your meeting to an end thanks to using a private jet charter service before you would have even got there on a commercial flight. Also, a private jet will also have additional options when it comes to the airports that they can use, so you may even land closer to your end destination than is possible with a commercial aircraft.

However, you may be interested to know just how much time you can indeed save. Well, in response, it should be pointed out that the average waiting time at an FBO is between five to six minutes. Compare that to the two or three hours that exist with the commercial flight option and you can already see the advantage that the private jet has over other options.

Some advocates for commercial flights would then argue that commercial aircraft fly faster than private jets, and this is mainly true aside from a couple of options. The important point is that the difference in speed is not substantial enough to remove the time advantage that you have created with the waiting period.

They say that time is money, so surely you would be interested in trying to reduce as much wasted time as possible? If so, then consider using private flights for business reasons. With greater control over your flight options, less time at the airport, and no queues, it is difficult to see any reason to not consider this as the best form of transportation for your business needs.

————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Private jet charter flights have never been easier. Zephyr Jets provides an ultimate luxury experience at the best price in the market. Call one of our specialized concierges for more info: 888-442-3131

Empty Legs vs. First Class Tickets, Which is Right for You?

Empty leg flights are flights that are scheduled to operate without any passengers. This can happen when private jets need to get back to their home base after dropping off a passenger. It can also happen when a private jet needs to reposition to another location in order to be ready to take on more passengers who have chartered a flight.

Deep discounts are often offered for empty leg flights. If you can catch one of the better deals, you can get up to a seventy-five percent off the normal charter flight price. This means that in some cases, the price of an empty legs flight can be in the same ballpark as a first class ticket on a commercial airline.

With the info