King Air 350

One of the most eco-friendly executive jets in service, the King Air 350 is defined by its fuel efficiency and low operating costs. With its leading-edge design, high-tech enhancements, durability, and terrific ramp presence, the King Air 350 satisfies the needs of clients who require immediate access to remote, unimproved airfields. With a modified interior (almost three feet longer than the King Air 200), the cabin features a dual-club seating arrangement, a large lavatory in the rear, and the revolutionary Flexcabin™ system which delivers comfort, connectivity, and functionality in equal measure. Some 55.3 cubic feet of baggage can be stored in the heated, aft fuselage compartment which is accessible in flight.

Cruising Speed (mph)315 mph
Luggage Capacity55 cu.ft.
Interior Height4.1 ft.
Interior Width4.5 ft.
Interior Length16.8 ft.
Passengers7-9 people
Range (smi)1700 st.m.
Price$1,500 – $1,700
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