Beech Jet 400A

The choice of the US and Japanese Air Force, the reliability, endurance, and comfort of the Beech Jet 400A are without question. Originally the brain child of Mitsubishi, the rights to the Diamond 2 were acquired by Raytheon in the mid 1980s and the reengineered, remastered Beech Jet 400A was born. The Beech Jet’s stellar performance comes courtesy of the integrated Rockwell Collins Pro Line 4 Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) which sports two primary flight displays (PFD), a multifunction display (MFD), and the option of a secondary MFD. More than 600 Beech Jet 400A planes were produced over two decades and most are still flying—fine testimony to the jet’s exceptionally robust airframe. The Beech Jet’s luxury interiors boast an enclosed lavatory, flat floor (quite rare for a light jet), and a baggage capacity of some 59 cubic feet, which can be accessed from within the cabin.

Cruising Speed (mph)432 mph
Luggage Capacity59 cu.ft.
Interior Height4.9 ft.
Interior Width4.8 ft.
Interior Length15.5 ft.
Passengers6 – 8 people
Range (smi)1,574 st.m.
Price$2,200 ~ $2,400
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