Citation CJ1

Smart, lightweight, and economical, the CJ1 is an exemplary entry level jet. Noted for its clean design and intuitive technology, the CJ1 can be operated by a single pilot. Powered by fuel efficient Williams/Rolls-Royce FJ44-1A turbofans, the CJ1 features a speed enhancing natural laminar wing (Citation’s first generation iterations featured a straight wing), which Cessna’s famed engineers designed in collaboration with NASA. The CJ1′s cabin can seat to up to six passengers and feels surprisingly spacious for a light jet thanks to the smart, dropped aisle deign. There’s also an enclosed lavatory and refreshment center.

Cruising Speed (mph)410 mph
Luggage Capacity59 cu.ft.
Interior Height4.8 ft.
Interior Width4.9 ft.
Interior Length12.7 ft.
Passengers6 people
Range (smi)1475 st.m.
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