Citation CJ2

With an alluring performance to operating cost ratio, marked versatility, and steadfast reliability, Cessna’s CJ2 combines form with function to create a pragmatic executive jet that is ideal for short trips. The CJ2 utilizes state-of-the-art avionics which generates superlative take off and landing performance. The graceful, aerodynamic exterior features anti-ice protection and windshields that conform to the highest bird resistance protocol. The 16-foot-long cabin provides up to seven passengers with ample leg and head room. The CJ2 is furnished with cutting-edge TAWS (Terrain Awareness Warning System) that utilizes global GPS and altimetry data to accurately predict aircraft position and alert pilots to potential airspace conflict. It’s worth noting that the CJ2 does not feature an enclosed lavatory.

Cruising Speed (mph)410 mph
Luggage Capacity74 cu.ft.
Interior Height4.8 ft.
Interior Width4.9 ft.
Interior Length16.0 ft.
Passengers6 – 8 people
Range (smi)1,738 st.m.
Price$1,900 ~ $2,100
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