Falcon 900

The Falcon 900 is an upgraded version of the Falcon 50. It offers speed, comfort, efficiency, intercontinental range, and the agility to negotiate short runways in far-flung locations with aplomb. The Falcon 900 is awash with the material comforts that define the super midsize jet category, from fully enclosed lavatories to plush, full birth seats, and a streamlined, highly functional galley. While the 900′s configuration and wing design is similar to the previous generation Falcon 50, the 900′s cabin has been stretched to a whopping 39 feet, which allows for at least three more passengers, a productive workspace, and a versatile galley.

Cruising Speed (mph)536 mph
Luggage Capacity127 cu.ft.
Interior Height6.2 ft.
Interior Width7.7 ft.
Interior Length39.0 ft.
Challenger 60412~15 people
Range (cmi)4,259 st.m.
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