Falcon 20F

While it may have a more limited seating capacity than the previous generation Falcon 20, Dessault’s agile and highly versatile Falcon 20F is powered by two General Electric CF700-2D-2 engines, capable of generating 4,500 lbs of thrust each. Manufactured from 1971-1983, the Falcon 20F performs well against its peers when it comes to speed (500 miles per hour), although the range of 1,600 miles falls below the midsize jet category average. The reason so many business executives find affinity with the Falcon 20F is its capacious cabin which, at over 24 feet long, is simply in a league of its own. Dassault’s Falcon fleet has continued to evolve and the 20F certainly stands at the apex of executive jet aviation technology. The 20F’s increased fuel capacity and improved wing design enhances landing and take off performance; it requires less than 5,000 feet to take off, which provides passengers with tremendous flexibility.

Cruising Speed (mph)500 mph
Luggage Capacity41 cu.ft.
Interior Height5.5 ft.
Interior Width5.7 ft.
Interior Length24.4 ft.
Passenger8 ~ 9 people
Range (cmi)1,600 st.m.
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