Hawker 700

With its advanced avionics, high performance, robust engineering, not to mention a colossal cabin, the veteran Hawker 700 has cultivated a loyal following among elite corporate executives. But, what makes this midsize jet really stand out from the crowd is its versatility; a low noise volume grants the 700 access to pretty much any airport. Fitted with Honeywell TFE731-3RH turbofan engines, it can fly at a speed of 450 miles per hour for a range of 1,950 nautical miles to connect the most popular city pairs in the US. Standard configurations in the Hawker 700′s 21-foot-long cabin can accommodate up to eight passengers and feature five reclining executive seats and a three-seater divan.

Cruising Speed (mph)483 mph
Luggage Capacity40 cu.ft.
Interior Height5.8 ft.
Interior Width5.9 ft.
Interior Length21.3 ft.
Passengers8 people
Range (cmi)Range (cmi)
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