Citation V11

Cessna’s Citation VII hit the market in 1992 boasting powerful new Honeywell TFE731-4R-2S engines to bolster speed, take off performance, and a climb rate that blows away much of the competition; the Citation VII soars to 37,000 feet in less than nineteen minutes. The well conceived cabin, featuring enhanced soundproofing stimulates a more conducive work environment. The baggage capacity (62 cubic feet) is one of the largest in its class, while a full lavatory has been reconfigured to function, quite uniquely, as a dressing room. With it excellent safety record and cost-effective performance to operating cost ratio, the Citation VII, not surprisingly, formed the backbone of the Citation series from 1992-2000, the point at which Cessna introduced the Citation X.

Cruising Speed (mph)516 mph
Luggage Capacity62 cu.ft.
Interior Height5.7 ft.
Interior Width5.8 ft.
Interior Length18.6 ft.
Passengers7 ~ 8 people
Range (cmi)2,000 st.m.
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