Citation V

The largest, and most popular, of Cessna’s straight wing iterations, the Cessna Citation V has built on the success of the Cessna Citation II series. With an outstanding safety record, the Citation V is smooth to handle and boasts a cockpit with 340 degree visibility—more than any other jet in its class. At just over 17 feet, the Citation V’s roomy cabin, with two temperature zones, can seat up to eight passengers who enjoy extra wide, fully reclining and rotating seats. And, with innovative soundproofing and heavy duty windows, it’s impressively quiet. For many passengers, the external baggage capacity (just shy of 50 cubic feet) is a big draw, accommodating oversize items such as skis and golf clubs in addition to seven or eight large suitcases.

Cruising Speed (mph)460 mph
Luggage Capacity67 cu.ft.
Interior Height4.8 ft.
Interior Width4.9 ft.
Interior Length17.3 ft.
Passengers6-8 people
Range (cmi)1750 st.m.
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