Falcon 10

The erstwhile rival to the Learjet light jet family, Dessault’s Falcon 10 (a 70 per cent scale version of the original Falcon 20) invigorated the light jet market when it was first produced in late 1960s. French aircraft manufacturer Avions Marcel Dassault is renowned its high performance military fighters (Mirage), so it comes as no surprise that the Falcon 10 outwardly expresses the robust conformation that characterizes a fighter jet. Harnessing the colossal powers of a Garrett TFE 731-2 jet engine, the Falcon 10 long reigned as the fastest business jet in existence and it remains one of the speediest jets flying today. With a superlative take off rate of 4,600 feet per minute, a range of 1,750 miles, a speed of 520 mph, and the ability to land on runways as short as 3,300 ft, the Falcon 10 is all things to all discerning men.

Cruising Speed (mph)520 mph
Luggage Capacity41 cu.ft.
Interior Height4.9 ft.
Interior Width4.8 ft.
Interior Length12.7 ft.
Passengers6 ~ 8 people
Range (smi)1,750 st.m.
Price2,000$ ~ 2,200$
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