King Air B200

Since the veteran B200 entered production in 1980 it has outsold every other executive aircraft in both the jet and turboprop categories. The reasons are clear. Equipped with Pratt and Witney PT6A-52 engines, the B200 is a robust, versatile rocket ship with surprisingly low operating costs. Built with the same fuselage as the B100, but with longer wings, the King Air B200 distinguishes itself from its predecessor with its even more luxurious cabin replete with high-end finishes, plush new seats, and much reduced cabin noise. The 16.7-foot-long, oval-shaped cabin, which seats up to eight passengers in a standard arrangement, optimizes head and shoulder room and includes a large baggage compartment in the aft cabin area.

Cruising Speed (mph)300 mph
Luggage Capacity55 cu.ft.
Interior Height4.8 ft.
Interior Width4.5 ft.
Interior Length16.7 ft.
Range (cmi)500 st.m.
Price$1,300 – $1,500
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