Learjet 35A

Celebrating almost 40 years in service, Bombardier’s twin-engine executive Learjet 35A improves significantly on its predecessor. Advanced Honeywell Garrett TFE731-2-2B engines utilize components normally reserved for jets of a much higher caliber and price. The jet’s immense thrust allows the Lear 35 to take off in less than 5,000 feet. On the downside, the 35A cabin snugly seats eight passengers (including one in the jump seat) but it’s definitely tight, ranking as one of the smallest cabins in its class (12.9 feet long, 4.3 feet high). For many clients, this shortfall is more than compensated for by its 500 mph speed (the average light jet speed is 440 mph) and 2,220 mile range (one of the top in its class, exceeded only by the Phenom 300), not to mention its reliability, smooth handling, and cost effective pricing structure by virtue of a very low fuel burn. Some 40 cubic feet of baggage space is sufficient to store seven or eight medium-sized suitcases.

  • Cruising Speed (mph)
  • Luggage Capacity
  • Interior Height
  • Interior Width
  • Interior Length
  • 500 mph
  • 40 cu.ft.
  • 4.3 ft.
  • 4.8 ft.
  • 12.9 ft.
Passengers8 people
Range (smi)2,220 st.m.
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