Hawker 400XP

A balanced combination of technical excellence, robust performance, and sophisticated interior design, Hawker Beechcraft’s 400XP is a reliable business tool, adept at executing short and midrange missions underscored by low operating costs. Design improvements include upgraded, fuel-efficient Pratt & Whitney JT15D-5 turbofan engines, pilot pleasing Collins Pro Line 4 avionics, and a higher take-off weight. And, for a light jet, the 400XP has serious girth (some 305 cubic feet of interior space), seating between six and eight passengers in a 25-foot-long, oval shaped, stand-up cabin featuring a custom workspace, mahogany-clad galley, and enclosed lavatory.

Takeoff at Sea Level3,950 ft
Takeoff at 5000′ 25°C6,311 ft
Landing Distance2,960 ft
Certified Ceilings45,000 ft
High Speed Cruise450 knots
600 NM MissionFight Time 1+27
1000 NM Mission, Flight Time 2+24
Price$2,300 – $2,600
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