Learjet 45 XR

The XR version of the Learjet 45 was first delivered in 2004. Emboldened by TFE731-20-BR engines (feted for their power management), the 45XR can generate 3,500 pounds of thrust at 104 degrees fahrenheit to bolster the aircraft’s impressive take off performance. The Learjet 45X is a perfect fusion of fuel efficiency, runway capability, and effortless handling qualities at both high and low speeds. Moreover, the Learjet 45X is one of the most aesthetically pleasing jets out there, with a refined exterior embellished with graceful wings manufactured from a solid piece of aluminum and winglets which accentuate the wing’s capabilities at slower speeds while optimizing its high-altitude efficiency by some 20 percent.

Cruising Speed (mph)515 mph
Luggage Capacity66 cu.ft.
Interior Height4.11 ft.
Interior Width5.1 ft.
Interior Length19.9 ft.
Passengers6 – 8 people
Range (smi)2,050 st.m.
Price$3,000 – $3,500
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