How does Zephyr Jets ensure the safety of its passengers?

Our primary focus is on your safety. Zephyr Jets gives the comfort of knowing that every passenger who has flown on the aircraft before you and your family has been screened by comprehensive TSA standards and guidelines. Scheduling a flight requires the full legal names of all passengers. All passengers over the age of 18 must present valid, government issued photo ID prior to boarding the aircraft. If such identification is not presented, boarding is denied. The lead passenger must identify passengers under the age of 18. Crewmembers are required to display their company issued photo identification badge, at waist level or above, when on, or in the vicinity of, the aircraft. In addition, all crewmembers are required to carry valid government issued photo identification while on flight status. All flights are subjected to FAR Part 135 rules. All aircraft are locked and secured when crewmembers are absent from the plane. All passengers are escorted from the FBO to the aircraft by a crewmember.