How do I know which Zephyr Jets program is right for me?

Whatever your travel requirements are, Zephyr Jets offers a program that will fit your needs. Our knowledgeable sales team will discuss your travel profile with you; where you go, how often, the typical number of passengers, etc. After a clear understanding of your profile is obtained, our sales professionals will make program and aircraft recommendations to match your specific requirements.

How do I book a flight?

To contact Zephyr Jets, please visit the website at You can also call 1-212-561-5500, or send an email to

Who flies Zephyr Jets?

Any individual or corporation that flies private and desires to have a unique personalized experience on each trip. Zephyr Jets has relationships with Fortune 500® companies, celebrities, professional athletes, and entertainment industry executives who entrust us with their private aviation needs.

What is the Full Luxury Jet Experience?

The Full Luxury Jet Experience is our unique approach to private travel that transforms the concept of point-to-point travel to personalized, customized service, from the moment you call Zephyr Jets through your final destination. Everything is tailored to fit to your requirements and needs, all the while delivering luxury, safety and social responsibility in private travel.

Which of the two Travel Programs is right for me?

The Sky Card is a professionally managed, safe and affordable private jet membership program that offers all the benefits of aircraft ownership without the headaches and frustrations. Sky Card members have the flexibility to exchange pre-paid aircraft hours for the aircraft type that is best suited to fit their needs. The Zephyr Jets Sky Card offers exceptional 24-hour concierge service and support staff, flexible aircraft type hour’s, financial liquidity, no hidden fees, superior safety protocol, and the industry’s most affordable rates. The Sky Card is the perfect way to enjoy a stress-free travel experience. The Sky Card Program is perfect if you frequently travel on different types of aircraft. You simply deposit funds in an interest-bearing escrow account, just as you would at a bank. Then, whenever you travel, you’re free to choose from a selection of 3,000 state-of-the-art aircraft’s, with the cost of your flight directly debited from your account. When you’re ready to replenish the funds in your Debit Account, simply call your personal Aviation consultant. The Travel Hours Program is more appropriate for travelers who fly on the same type of aircraft every time they travel. As a Travel Hours client, you create an account with a set number of hours on a particular aircraft and are free to withdraw from that account whenever you want to travel. Like the Travel Debit Card Program, you can quickly and easily replenish the hours in your account with one simple phone call to your personal Aviation consultant.