Citation X

In many respects, Cessna’s Citation X takes top billing in the super midsize category. It’s the fastest business jet in the world, flying coast to coast, on average, 30 minutes faster than its competitors. With a substantial range of 3,231 miles, a phenomenal speed of up to 590 miles per hour, and the unique ability to access small, remote airports denied to its super midsize peers, the Citation X ranks high among business executives who need to get to their destination first, and in style. Praised for its innovative interior configuration, the X’s 24-foot-long fuselage allows passengers to move comfortably around a luxurious cabin that features plush, individual captains’ chairs designed to maximize leg room and provide ample head and shoulder support.

Cruising Speed (mph)590 mph
Luggage Capacity72 cu.ft.
Interior Height5.7 ft.
Interior Width5.5 ft.
Interior Length19.84 ft.
Passengers8 people
Range (cmi)3,231 st.m.
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