Falcon 2000

Despite its impressive girth, the Falcon 2000 is an agile, versatile, and fuel efficient aircraft. A luxuriously appointed cabin, which features mahogany galleys and plush leather seats, is one of the largest in its class (31 feet). The Falcon 2000 pulls in a solid 3,500 mile range and cruises at a speedy 521 miles per hour. But where the 2000 truly excels is its impressive take off performance; it climbs to 3,700 feet in just 16 minutes allowing passengers to access remote airports with shorter, more challenging runways. The CFE738 engine was expressly manufactured for the Falcon 2000 by General Electric and AlliedSignal. Dessault is ever keen to assert the Falcon’s environmentally green status; it burns less fuel than its midsize counterparts largely due to its innovative low-drag wing design. The Falcon 2000S variant was unveiled in 2011 and boasts improved short field capabilities that allows the jet to access 50 per cent more airports than other super midsize jets.

Cruising Speed (mph)521 mph
Luggage Capacity134 cu.ft.
Interior Height6.1 ft.
Interior Width7.8 ft.
Interior Length31.0 ft.
Passengers8 people
Range (cmi)3,500 st.m.
Price$4,600 ~ $4,950
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