Boasting an innovative, super-speed wing, and harnessing the potent thrust of Honeywell HTF7250G engines to full effect, the latest generation G280 delivers the longest range and fastest cruise speed in the super midsize category. The sleek, deluxe cabin seats up to 10 passengers in two separate seating areas and features a large galley and a sizable internal baggage compartment. With 100 percent fresh air circulating through the cabin—compared to the 50:50 fresh to recycled air ratio that is common to commercial airlines—and plenty of natural light courtesy of large windows, the G280 strives to eliminate the fatigue associated with long-haul flights. The PlaneView280™ cockpit enhances safety, especially during periods of low visibility, by reducing pilot workload and improving situational awareness. And, with its superlative field performance, the G280 is able to negotiate some of the trickiest airports.

Long Range CruiseMach 0.80
MmoMach 0.85
Normal CruiseMach 0.84
Range at LRC3,600 nm / 6,667 km
Range at Normal Cruise3,000 nm / 5,556 km
Takeoff Distance (MTOW, SL, ISA)4,750 ft / 1,448 m
Basic Operating24,150 lbs / 10,954 kg
Maximum Fuel14,600 lbs / 6,622 kg
Maximum Landing32,700 lbs / 14,832 kg
Maximum Payload4,050 lbs / 1,837 kg
Maximum Payload/Full Fuel1,000 lbs / 454 kg
Maximum Ramp39,750 lbs / 18,031 kg
Maximum Takeoff39,600 lbs / 17,962 kg
Maximum Zero Fuel28,200 lbs / 12,791 kg
Engine TypeHoneywell HTF7250G
Thrust Rating7,624 lbs / 33.9 kN (each)
Typical Passenger Payload4 passengers
Total Interior Length32 ft 3 in / 9.83 m
Cabin Length25 ft 10 in / 7.87 m
Interior Height6 ft 3 in / 1.91 m
Interior Width7 ft 2 in / 2.18 m
Cabin Volume935 cu ft / 26.5 cu m
Baggage Volume (Gross)154 cu ft / 4.4 cu m
Exterior Height21 ft, 4 in / 6.5 m
Exterior Length66 ft, 10 in / 20.3 m
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